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Jan 27, 2009 10:28 AM

Columbus, OH and Delaware, OH

Coming into Columbus for visits to Ohio State (main campus) and Ohio Wesleyan. Any suggestions for quick lunch featuring local specialities at either place? (Even at the airport?).

I'm amazed that there are no listings for at least Columbus. I guess the best meals are had on tailgates.....


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  1. Hi SteveNYC. I have one suggestion for you if you are near the airport. Check out a local BBQ/Steak place called The Hickory House - It's a great, quality joint. Also, near Delaware there are two locals to check out: The Brown Jug and Buns. Have fun and welcome!

    1. Steve,

      There are quite a few posts on this board re: Columbus. Just do a search for "Columbus" and quite a few will come up. There are many places for a "quick lunch" around OSU. Look for the Columbus posts that reference Campus area or, just to the south of campus, the Short North. If you have more time than just a quick lunch to explore, you'll have many worthwhile options.

      Delaware is a bit of a culinary wasteland. Fortunately, it's close enough to Columbus to make this less of a problem for those that live there. The two places that were mentioned by qkalis actually no longer exist. One closed and the other burned down. Honestly, neither of them was very good in the way of food anyhow. They were filled with nostalgia and history as they were old stalwarts of the historic district of downtown Delaware but good food had left the buildings a long time ago.

      There is a local pub chain that has passable to good pub grub in downtown Delaware on Sandusky St, the main drag through town. It will be north of the Ohio Wesleyan campus on the east side of the street It's called the Old Bag of Nails. Fish and Chips are the specialty, but the burgers, sandwiches and the like aren't bad either. Would be a good lunch spot for your visit.

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        Just a quick note for those going to Delaware:

        Buns did burn down, but it's since been rebuilt. Years ago. The food is standard fare for people maybe old enough to remember when the first one was built, but I love it. Hamloaf, awesome daily soups. Unexpected dishes like Moussaka. (the owner is Greek)

        The Brown Jug is gone too. It might have been the worst restaurant in the world.

        Old Bag of Nails is not bad, but nothing special.

        In the past couple of years, there have been a handful of smaller restaurants have opened up in Delaware, but I have not tried them. If the mexican place on Sandusky street is still there, it was awesome.

      2. Steve, if you are flying into CMH and visiting OSU campus directly, you will practically go right by the North Market, which you should visit. It is a little like Seattle's Pike Market with a lot of vendor stalls and options for lunch. Be sure to try the Thai place and stop by Jeni's ice cream for dessert. The Market is located at the south end of the Short North District, which is chock full of restaurant/cafe options. Recs on High St. in that area include Mac's (Scottish bar for great hamburgers), Betty's, North Star.

        Directions from airport: Go west on I-670 to N. High St. exit. Turn left and right off High St. (can't remember exact street but Japanese steakhouse on corner) just across from the Cols Convention Center. Take your parking ticket with you so merchant can validate. From the North Market, it's about a 15 min drive due north on High St.

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          1. Actually, Columbus had quite a few great/unique places to eat. Those offering lunch include Northstar, Luce, and Thurman's. For my money, however, I'd STRONGLY recommend Rigsby's - they have Italian dishes that rival and even best Batali's famed Babbo in NYC.

            In terms of dinner, there are also plenty of great options and I'd strongly suggest you take a look at places like Dragonfly and Kihachi which are truly gems that would stand out in ANY US Market (SF and NYC included)