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Jan 27, 2009 10:27 AM

Grazie Calabrese Hot Peppers

My husband and I were at Grazie (Yonge and Eglington) yesterday and purchased some of their Calabrese Hot Peppers. Fantastic find. Can anyone recommend a similar product. They are simple Calabrese hot peppers in canola oil. Great for making pasta. Your help is appreciated. By the way, I have purchased a similar product at Pusateri's, but nothing comes close to Grazie's product.

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  1. The hot peppers sold at Terroni are amazing and quite addictive. They are in oil, but I believe there is also a bit of vinegar. The flavour is fantastic.

    1. I second the hot peppers at Terroni's. We eat them on everything. They have the most beautiful flavour and crunch to them.....
      The first time I insisted on buying them they only had large containers, my husband said we would never go through it, I think it took us 2 months. (that's alot of hot peppers!)

      1. My SO and I recently bought some Calabrese peppers in oil from an Italian food emprium on Yonge, just nothe of Eglnton; can't remember the name but I certainly liked it. Any way we bought some hot peppers there for a particular recipe we enjoy. We also happen to have a jar of peppers from Grazie. In a taste test, my SO, who loves hot pepper anything, declared the Peppers from the store to be far hotter and tastier than the ones from Grazie. We have relugated Grazie hot peppers to a dipping suace. Hope this helps.