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Jan 27, 2009 09:57 AM

Good Health Burger - E 53rd

Has anyone eaten at Good Health Burger on E53rd? My boyfriend and I ordered take-out from there for a second time last night and we’re hooked.

It’s primarily a delivery/take-out spot. We stumbled upon it one night while looking for “something healthy, quick & cheap” for dinner in the neighborhood. The first time, I thought maybe this is a fluke, I’m starving, so of course I think this is tasty. But no, it’s official, this place is a new favorite take-out spot.

I had the Good Health Burger Deluxe both times. I’m not a vegetarian but I like a veggie burger now and then. This was hands down the best veggie burger I’ve ever had. Good texture & consistency, loaded with grilled peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and guac, vegan sour cream, and BBQ sauce on top. Sounds like an odd combo but the BBQ sauce is awesome! I don’t like mayo so I passed on the vegan mayo. Very filling and satisfying.

My meat-eating boyfriend had a grilled chicken sandwich with the vegan mayo the first visit, and the chili lime chicken sandwich last night. He loved both! Also filing & satisfying. Most burgers are under $8, which is a bargain for the neighborhood.

We also had a vegetable-lentil soup. Yum! I hate when soup is salty rather than flavorful, but this was perfectly spiced.

Next time I want to try the Black Bean (fake) Bacon burger, and some of the awesome-looking vegan desserts.

This place can’t possibly be “healthy”. It tastes too good. I tried to find nutrition facts online, but no luck. Maybe next time I’m in there, I’ll ask… before I start eating there every day (a la Seinfeld frozen yogurt episode). Even if it's not healthy, it's a great quick dinner option.

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  1. Hi, swim12. I believe it's called Good Health Burger, not Better Health Burger. I love this place too. It's an offshoot I think of the Good Health Cafe up in the 70s east. I am a veg and my husband is not and we both love the place. They have chicken and fish options (my husband loves the salmon club).
    I love the black bean burger and the tempeh wrap. You must try the sweet potato soup, if they offer it there. They always have it at the uptown place and it is marvelous.

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      Ahh good call - I was too distracted by the tasty veggie burger to remember the name! I updated the post so as not to cause confusion.

      Thanks for the suggestions! It's nice to have more options in a generally overpriced area. I will have to try Good Health Cafe too!

    2. Try the crispy soy chicken and bacon burger. Fried soy chicken patty, soy bacon, cheddar (or soy) cheese, soy mayo. It may not be healthy but it is super tasty. My favorite sandwich in the neighborhood and I am not vegetarian either. They do have the sweet potato soup at the 53rd Street GHB and it is very good as well.