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Jan 27, 2009 09:54 AM

Le Kliff, Puerto Vallarta

Just made a reservation for my upcoming trip - any comments on this restaurant?

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  1. After hearing mixed reviews we decided to chance it a Le Kliff (we were feeling especially touristy that day) and it turned out to be a very nice experience. We timed it for sunset and it was lovely. The food was very good - on par with Trio. No regrets. As large as it is, it's laid out on a number of levels so you never see more than a few tables at a time. The couple at a neighboring table got up for a photo opportunity somewhere and their table was attacked by the lemurs that lay in wait for such an opportunity. I would likely return. Cafe des Artistes, on the other hand, is on my permanent sh-t list.

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      Thanks for feedback! I love Cafe des Artistes in PV, what happened to you? We are actually going on the same trip to the one in Punta de Mita

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        We had a couple of so-so meals but came back nonetheless. On another trip we reserved a table for 8, showed up on time, were sent to the "Cigar Lounge" to wait and spent about $300 on pre-dinner drinks for over an hour. They stopped sending anyone up to update us after the first 30 minutes so we had to go downstairs every 15 minutes with assurances that our "table was being set up." It never materialized. No apology, no nothing. I sent an email when we returned home expressing my disappointment - no response to that either.

        For as good a meal as we've had at Cafe des Artistes, we live in Chicago and there are any number of resaturants here that are much better. So I think they've let more than service slip there.

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          If you like Cafe des Artistes you will have no problem with the one in Punta de Mita. Depending on time of day and season it can be quite hot on the outdoor patio and of course quite brisk in the aircondioned interior. It's also a startling contrast being next door to the string of very informal seafood restaurants. Great oysters and mussels.