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Jan 27, 2009 09:48 AM

Day wedding at BBG vs. evening wedding at Tavern on the Green

My BIL is debating whether to have his April wedding (possibly during the Sakura festival, depending on when the cherry blossoms bloom) at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on a Sunday morning or at Tavern on the Green in the evening. I know that the BBG is beautiful in the evening, but I don't know how it would be in the daytime. I've also heard fairly negative reviews about the food at Tavern on the Green. Any advice from my fellow Chowhounders would be greatly appreciated. BBG or Tavern? Why?

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  1. I'd go with BBG based on food, location and completely overall . TOTG is entirely overrated and many question how they are still in business.

    1. I would avoid Tavern on the Green...but you could always check it out yourself and see how bad it is!
      I haven't been to anything at BBG but it is a lovely space-only thing is, you have people like me gawking at you, as the space is glass and right in the middle of everything (near the gift shop.)

      1. Tavern on the Green seems more tacky to me than anything else. It's very dated and they're trading on nothing more than their reputation at this point.

        The only downside to BBG is that it's not in manhattan (obviously). Not a big deal for anyone who lives here, but if you have a lot of out of town guests it may be painful to get to and from.

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          In addition to having some of the worst food in NY (or perhaps the universe?) TOG is a factory with other things going on. While BBG has a great caterer, a building that is just yours, although, as noted, it is somewhat gawkable (but only at the entry, the sides are not publicly accessible). And for those guest who arrive by subway, or choose to walk from their parking lot (as opposed to taking valet parking), the walk to the Palm House is gorgeous if it's not raining. I'd say it's a no brainer.

        2. Tavern on the Green is just awful -- both the food, and to my mind, the dated decor. I had not been in many years and was someone's guest at brunch a couple of years ago. Hard to mess up brunch you may think? Well somehow they managed to make the most boring and tasteless egg dishes possible. Oh, and the service was lousy, too.

          1. BBG hands down.I have been to a wedding at BBG, and although it was a while ago, it was just about everything anyone could want for a wedding venue. The setting was, of course, beautiful (ceremony outside in the gardens, reception inside), service and staff were fabulous and the food was equally great. This was a very big wedding (350+ guests) and everything was flawless. Money was no object for this couple- other considerations for the wedding were the Pierre and the Plaza- and they never regreted choosing the BBG. Thery were not from Brooklyn, nor were most of the guests. They leased a bus to transport someof the guests from Manhattan. As for gawkers, there were none to speak of.
            Tavern on the Green is shopworn, tacky and about as impersonal as having your wedding in a parking garage. It is indeed a factory, overpriced, overhyped and with utterly miserable food. (Incidentally RA1217, believe it or not, TOTG is the highest grossing restaurant in the country - which just goe3s to show that PT Barnum was right.)