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Jan 27, 2009 09:46 AM

Reasonable priced restaurants in West Hollywood?

Prices ranging from $15 - $25 ? Would appreciate any suggestions, any type of food. Thanks

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  1. Taste on Melrose is in that price range, and always a great meal.

    Also go to Ajisai, on Palm just N. of Santa Monica Blvd. (across from the car wash). I think Shoei makes the best sushi in town. For $20 you can get the sushi dinner special: salad, miso soup, a spicy tuna or California roll, and 5 pieces of sushi. With an orange for dessert.

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      Thank you for all your suggestions, we've been to Taste a few times & it's become our fav. when we visit West Hollywood.

    2. I really like the Melrose Bar & Grill (formerly Doug Arango's), on Melrose just west of Robertson.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions.

          1. 8 Oz Burger Bar, Angeli Caffe, Tasca, Taste, Melrose Bar & Grill

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