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Jan 27, 2009 09:46 AM

Looking for raclette cheese in Ann Arbor

I used to buy my raclette at Trader Joe's in Boston but the Trader Joe's in Ann Arbor does not carry this great cheese. I want to have a raclette party and was curious if folks knew of source in Ann Arbor. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I don't have an Ann Arbor source but you can order online. Some years ago I wanted a second raclette grill and found it through a cheese company somewhere in your part of the country (Wisconsin perhaps?). I'm sure you wouldn't have any problem. We've also found that it freezes okay. The texture gets affected but, once melted, it's great. It's a wonderful wintertime party, isn't it? We love finding "raclette virgins" and educating them :)

    1. Surely, you can find it at Zingerman's.

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        If not Zingerman's, maybe Morgan and York?

      2. Here in St. Louis, I have been able to buy raclette cheese at Trader Joes. And can buy a raclette grill at

        1. If you are interested in trying a local product, Leelanau Cheese Co. specializes in raclette. The Whole Foods on Washtenaw Ave. should have it. That location is the only Ann Arbor retailer which carries it, as far as I know.
          BTW, the other cheese made by L.C.C. -flavored fromage blanc spreads- are delicious! These may be available only seasonally, if I remember right. Might just be worth the drive to the Leelanau Peninsula for a sample!

          Also, Zingerman's may have an English raclette called Ogleshield from Neal's Yard in London... could check it out if you're there.