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Jan 27, 2009 09:43 AM

Return of La Cubana in Glendale

I was saddened when my favorite Cuban restaurant in the LA area, La Cubana shuttered its doors over a year ago at their Colorado St location. Well, I am happy to report that La Cubana has resurfaced in a new location on Maryland Ave and the food is as good as ever.

The new location is more upscale feeling with clean white walls and a few new items on the menu. Lechon Asado (roast pork) was great as usual and another at our party enjoyed their Fricasé de Pollo (Cuban-style chicken Fricasse). Portions seemed a little larger since they now serve the entreé on a separate dish from the rice, beans, yuca cassava, or platanos maduros.

Service was good and it was a shame to see them so empty. The owner was very gracious and friendly, and gave our party a few free bottles of their mojo de ajo marinade on the way out.

La Cubana Restaurant
135 North Maryland Avenue, Glendale, CA

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  1. oh man I haven't had a real cuban coffee since i left Miami!!! Cortadito here I come! Do they have seafood enchilados?

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    1. re: jdwdeville

      I had a café con leche for dessert with their flan and they were both good. Also remember seeing a couple of seafood enchilados on their menu

      1. re: jdwdeville

        Well, go get a cortadito at Porto's... and then try La Cubana and tell us how you find it. :)

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          will do! I've been making plantain soup and lechonito asado at home all winter for lack of a place to go!!!

      2. What are the prices like? The website doesn't list them..

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        1. re: monkuboy

          Prices are moderate. My lechon asado dinner entreé was around $12.50 if I recall correctly

          1. re: Ernie

            This is great news. Thanks for passing it on. I live in Pasadena but my wonderful hairstylist is on this block so it couldn't be more perfect.

            1. re: Ernie

              Thanks! That sounds pretty reasonable.

          2. Wonderful - I'd wanted to visit this place, and then they closed. Only thing odd is, though I can see why they might not want to publish prices on a website, I don't understand why they wouldn't post the hours! Isn't that the next most important thing after the address?

            1. Thank you for posting this, Ernie. I had a very nice meal there a couple of years ago and then - poof! - they were closed! Great to hear that they are back. I will definitely be going soon! My friend had the tongue and it was fantastic! Thanks again!