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Jan 27, 2009 09:26 AM

Rehearsal Dinner

I'm looking for suggestions on where to hold a rehearsal dinner for approx 20 -25 people this coming June. We are not set on a specific type of food, but would prefer italian or bbq - something casual and fun. No more than $85 or so pp. Gramercy/East Village/LES/Soho...even Little Italy. Ideas?

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  1. My friend had her rehearsal dinner at Buono Notte in Little Italy, just south of Hester. She had a very international crowd, so wanted to do something touristy. The food was actually quite delish, and the restaurant quite accomodating, and they have a lovely backyard patio you could use. It was well less than $85. Not exactly trendy, but certainly fun.

    1. You could see about the downstairs room at Il Buco. I doubt they could get to $85, but they used to give you the whole room with no fee and a $2500 (enough for a generous meal and good but not extravagant wine) or so minimum. This would be a big step up food and wine wise from most thing at that price.