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Jan 27, 2009 09:15 AM

any Azoran restaurants in Austin or Texas?

After watching last night's Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, I am fascinated by this cuisine. Actually, it looks straightforward enough to replicate, with the exception of some of the seafood (like the local cockles). Does anyone know of any Azoran restaurants here? Or Portugeuse for that matter? (Brazilian I well know about)

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  1. "(Brazilian I well know about)"

    Oh, please, tell me of a good Brazilian restaurant in Austin (that is not selling theater in the form of rodizio)????? I don't know of any. Houston? Dallas? Maybe there. But not in Austin. For Portuguese and "a cozinha dos A├žores", go to Providence RI (or Fall River MA)! For this very simple food (which has none of the neon needed to appeal to most of those in the USA) you need to have a strong population from Portugal, the Azores, Cabo Verde, etc. It can be great chow, but it mostly appeals to folks from the "home country". Boa sorte in your hunt around here. Now, about those Brazilian places you well know tell!!!!! The ones I'm thinking you are thinking of are not serving Brazilian food. Rodizios don't count!!!!

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      I know all about the local Brazilian places and, well, I'm not all that crazy about them

      Bourdain spent a segment talking about Fall River (and Providence was mentioned). I simply know of nothing here along those lines. Three years ago I lived in Sonoma County, and there was a pretty well established community of fifth generation Portugeuse there, surely responsible for some of the killer locally made sausage (or linguisa). Nothing like that here, AFAIK.

    2. My mom's from Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel. The only Portuguese restaurant I knew of in the entire state of Texas was in Houston (closed now) called A Taste of Portugal. The owner was from one of the former African colonies.

      Fall River, MA, Providence, RI, Provincetown, MA and the Boston area (Cambridge/Somerville - where most of my family live) tend to have the restaurants you're looking for. Other major Azorean populations are around San Diego, CA and Hawaii.

      The food is really easy to fix. The chourico does not taste like the Mexican type found down here. There are several places that mail order. My current fave is out of RI:

      The Molho de Figado is pretty good (chunks of pork in spicy sauce made of liver). This would be served with rice, french fries and perhaps a fried egg. I usually go for the hot chourico and linguica. Haven't tried their morcela (blood sausage), but that's usually a pretty good item. Sambel Oelek and the Vietnamese chili garlic sauce are very good subs for the crushed pepper sauce used extensively in cooking/eating.

      The pateis de nata (egg custard tarts) are what you'd find on a dim sum cart. AFAIK, they spread to parts of China and Taiwan from Macau. Asia Market sometimes has some for sale in the grocery.

      Many of the other ingredients are substituted fairly well with local products. Fiesta is a good source.

      And yeah, I made the kale soup (Caldo de Verde) for supper last week. ;-)

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      1. re: Nakhash

        Thanks for the info, Nakkash. I somehow didn't think we had anything like Azoran food here. Bourdain suggests that there's an element of English and French poor man's food in the stews like the Caldo de Verde--hearty fare like that, the real traditional food of Northeastern Europe, but then with a strong Meditteranean influence--how can you beat that?!

        1. re: Nakhash

          i grew up in hudson, ma and we had a huge portuguese/azoran population.
          there was a part of town called "little lisbon", with the portuguese street names.
          i miss the food so much, and knew i would not find anything like that here.

          and, i made the mistake of buying chourico when i moved here and um, yeah, oops, it's way different!

        2. best place is rhode island or mass as they have very big portugese populations which unfortuantely we dont have.