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Jan 27, 2009 09:07 AM

Valentines day dinner in Monmouth county..

I live in Marlboro NJ and would like to take out my wife for a dinner on Valentines day. The place should be upscale with romantic atmosphere, and with excelent food and service.
I was looking into Nicholas in the Red Bank. Any other suggestions? Cousine type is not realy a preference. (but for some reason I think a French cousine sounds the most appropriate)

Last year we went to ChezCatherine in Westfield and we loved it.

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  1. The Frog and the Peach in New Brunswick isn't too far.
    Also there's the Fromagerie in Rumson.

    You're best bet though is Nicholas. One of the best restaurants in jersey, and the perfect place to celebrate valentine's day.

    1. Even if it is not on V-Day, I just LOVE Le Fandy in Fair Haven. BYOB.

      Was there just yesterday and had the most incredible lunch,,,soo good as always.

      Here is the link:

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      1. re: Angelina

        Nicholas works - but you'd better call today.

        I also like Le Fandy a lot and it is very intimate and BYO.

        I would also add Trinity and Drew's in Keyport to the list if you are out that way. Both have good food but neither is romantic, as such.

        In Red Bank, Dish is good and intimate as well.

        1. re: seal

          good choices seal. both dish and drews have excellent food and a more intimate setting.

          trinity was actually voted most romantic in monmouth county in asbury park press' readers poll last year.

          any of the three would be good choices.

          1. re: dani0622

            We're celebrating our anniversary and Valentine's day that weekend. I'm kind of fussy and don't want to make reservations just in case the prix fixe menu isn't my kind of food. However, my first choice will be Trinity.

      2. Where ever you go I would make reservations asap. I called Drew's last night (which I love) and they had a seating at 6pm and I think 9pm. So most of these places are filling up quite fast!

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        1. re: emilyb27

          You're right. I'll try to make reservations quickly...

        2. I live in Manalapan, Spargos on rt 33 has never let us down!!! We have been there for many special occasions, love it also I love that restaurant in Old Bridge on 516...both top notch gourmet selections, and bring your own!!!