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Jan 27, 2009 08:44 AM

Comfort Foods during the snow

Good afternoon,
Help me with the best place to get some comfort foods, hot soup/stew, etc. this afternoon. Make it in the District and maybe with some fun people watching. Price isn't an object because just a soup/stew/comfort dish alone won't break the bank anywhere.

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    1. One of my favorite things in this weather is a bowl of noodle soup. I just got back from Nooshi on 19th with a bowl of spicy seafood ramen. It was good but I really love their Phuket noodles (really spicy) and peanut noodles. Both very satisfying on a day like today. Nooshi has both a full service restaurant and sushi bar that my satisfy your people watching needs and a separate takeout. Highest thing on the menu is $15.

      1. Shrimp dumpling soup at Full Kee on H Street in Chinatown. Great soup, big windows, lots of foot traffic.

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          At Full Kee, add 1/4 soy sauce chicken or the char shiu pork appetizers.

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            Right you are. Why stop at soup? Why not throw in some roast duck or one of those fabulous hot pots and snow pea shoots with garlic?

        2. I tend to like a lot of braised or roasted dishes when it gets cold. Short ribs, pork and rabbit are favorites of mine in weather like this. In that vein I recommend the braised rabbit and truffled linguine at Montmartre. One of my favorite dishes in the city of any restaurant.

          I also recommend the roast pork loin at brasserie beck and if they are still offering it, the pork two ways at the Majestic Cafe in Old Town. Two small cuts of roast loin on top of kale with a cut of pork belly in the middle. Really rich and filling. Awesome for this weather.

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            How about any of these foods on a happy hour special?

          2. For me cold weather/snowy food tends to be stick to your bones french food...but that's just me. I would go to Bistro D'Oc or Bistro Du Coin and get either french onion soup and a steak frites or maybe a cassoulet-type dish.

            Brasserie Beck is also great for this.