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Jan 27, 2009 07:57 AM

Seeking Schleifer in Jerusalem

Hello all.

I visited Jerusalem in 2006 and enjoyed a fabulous meal at a place called Schleifer Bar-Restaurant. It was hidden in a little spot on Jaffa Road. The building was the childhood home of the owner, Moshe Schleifer, that he converted into a restaurant. His wife ran the kitchen and prepared a fabulous chef's tasting menu for me. And Moshe kept the wine flowing all night - both into his glass and mine. It was one of those epic Chowhound nights that went on for hours and hours.

A couple of days afterwards, Moshe gave me a tour of the market, as well as to some of his favourite lunch and coffee spots nearby. I had a wonderful time with him.

Sadly, when I returned to Jerusalem in 2007, the restaurant was closed. Does anyone know if Moshe Schleifer reopened his restaurant anywhere else? I will be returning to Jerusalem in February and would love to track Schleifer down.

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  1. Hi,

    I used to live in Israel and can attest to many wonderful nights and lunches with chefs like Schleifer, unfortunately I don't know him. However, Eli Mizrachi (owner of Cafe Mizrach) in Machaneh Yehuda (the outdoor market in Jlem) might know him - Eli's been in the restaurant world of jerusalem since infancy and it might be worth checking with him. Also, Israel's equivalent of phone information is pretty good and assuming Moshe lives in Jerusalem you may be able to find him that way.

    Best of luck and if you track him down let me know - I'd be curious to try his food next time I go back.


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      Thanks, Devra. I will check out Eli at Cafe Mizrach when I get to J'lem.


    2. I did a Google Hebrew search of Moshe Schleifer. The only info I got was that his restaurant is closed. No word of there being a new Schleifer.

      On a slightly happier note, welcome to Jerusalem!