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Jan 27, 2009 07:55 AM

Making gelato--how important is superfine sugar?

Hi, it's my maiden voyage making chocolate gelato. I found a thread here re superfine sugar, but it focused on baking.

How important to the recipe is it to send my sugar through the blender? I couldn't find superfine in 2 stores this a.m.

I plan to make Chocolate Gelato No. 2:


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  1. The big issue is the difference in the egg yolk mixture with superfine sugar, but it isn't necessary. BUT remember, superfine measures differently than regular granulated sugar, so if you don't want to make it superfine, you may want to adjust the amount of sugar.

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      I agree. The typical granulated sugar should work but the amount will be greater and it will be a little more difficult to make certain it gets completely incorporated into the liquid (melts) so that the finished product isn't grainy in texture.

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        Thanks. I'm going to throw the sugar in the blender.

      2. It doesn't matter at all, as it's going to dissolve when you cook the base. Superfine will dissolve a bit easier, but it's not worth the extra cost in my book.

        Just keep in mind that as jsaimd said, it's going to measure differently. Weights would be extremely helpful to have here.

        And yes, assuming you have a decent food processor/blender, you should be able to make it at home. At least according to Alton Brown.

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          Thanks, everyone. Yes, Alton Brown is right (I found that tidbit elsewhere before everyone chimed in). Gave the sugar a little spin in the blender and voila--superfine. The gelato is now in the machine...just 10 minutes to go. The recipe is above if you'd like to give it a try. From licking the bowls along the way, I know this is going to be amazing. :)

        2. I never purchase superfine. Since it does dissolve smoother, I run normal granulated sugar in the blender for a few seconds. Superfine!

          1. I recently tasted several gelati at a benefit and the organization giving the samples was Check out there website and perhaps they can answer your questions.

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              Thanks for this site, Lynn. I am just starting my gelato journey and looking to explore new flavors, so this is nice resource!

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                Good for you. Let us know what tasty concoctions you come up with. I suggest lemon and rosemary! Have fun. :)