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Jan 27, 2009 07:52 AM

Fresno lunch downtown/Divisadero

I'll be in downtown Fresno, and I am looking for a chow worthy place for lunch somewhat near by. I would not mind trying a good mexican restaurant if anyone has any rec's.
Someone mentioned 'Don Pepe's but I am not sure where the place is located.

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  1. Don Pepe's is located on the southeast corner of Blackstone & Gettysburg avenues, about 5 miles north of the downtown area. Blackstone is the major avenue just west of & running parallel to the 41 freeway.

    Another option for Mexican that's a bit closer to downtown is Zamora's at 850 N. Fresno Ave. (right by where Fresno Ave. goes under the 180 freeway near Tyler or Lewis avenues).

    There are many threads that mention Zamora's, but here's the one that got the ball started:

    Happy eating & let us know what you find.

    1. Julia's is on Divisadero just west of downtown where it curves to the NW and becomes H St.

      Just north of Divisadero on the west side of Fresno St. is Puerto Marquez / Tropicale Ambiente, a new place that does great pupusas. Pupusas also at the NW corner of Divisadero and Broadway, called Laurita's.

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        Laurita's Pupusas at Divisadero and Broadway is now Zamora Tacqueria, no relation to Zamora's on N. Fresno St.

      2. If you enjoy soul food you can try the smokehouse on Van Ness and Merced. Its next to Bank of the West.

        1. I can tell you one place to avoid: Cafe Mazatlan in downtown. I've seen a nasty food safety practice there.

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            Thanks for the replies, I ended up jumping on the 41 and headed to Limon for lunch.
            Overall, we had an excellent meal, I'll post a more thorough review on the Limon thread.

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              Ah...a good choice, I think. I look forward to reading about your lunch.