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Jan 27, 2009 07:46 AM

Mozzarella Class at M&S on 5th Ave

I stopped into M&S (formerly A&S) this weekend and found out that they give lessons on how to make their fresh mozzarella! Six people, $30 each, and they teach you, and give you a huge brick to take home, along with other appetizers and such. Sounds like fun! Who wants in!?

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  1. Sounds like fun to me!

    1. I had some neighbors do it last year and they loved it. Unless it changed, M&S (then AS) served appetizers, along with BYOB, and everyone had a great time. In any case, it sounds like a good thing to do with a group of people.

      1. I'd be interested if a group got together.

        1. I'm interested! I've been planning to make mozzarella with a friend for a long time, but we've never gotten around to it. It would be great to learn with a group of Chowhounders!