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Jan 27, 2009 07:41 AM

Santoro's of Peabody?

A few people recommended this place to me but I have never been so I am looking for some feedback. I am trying to figure out where to order food for a christening party of about 30 guests. Our food budget is about $400 (not including cake, beverages). Santoro's seems to fit the budget but with a newborn I likely won't be able to check it our before the event in two weeks. Any reviews? My family is definitely full of Italian food snobs so it has to be good!

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  1. I am going to take the silence as a negative review...

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      I don't think Santoro's is awful. My children are grown and I haven't had the need to order a large quantity of food for a get together in a while. I know my neighbor used them for her husband's 40th and it was fine. It depends, I guess, on what you are looking for. I am assuming you are No. Shore. I can't recommend anyplace else except Spinelli's. I have another friend that uses them all the time. Enjoy your new little one!

    2. My mother and all her friends from Peabody use them; they even catered my father's shiva! They offer a "kosher style" platter, and all the bubbies and fressers from my mother's temple waxed eloquent about the quality of the corned beef. But I have no idea what their Italian style stuff is like, only that the quality of their ingredients is good, that's why I didn't volunteer any opinion.

      1. Hmmm...'not awful' is not exactly a ringing endorsement, ha ha. I may end up going with Spinelli's because I do like some of their dishes --I don't like the ricotta cheese they use though...