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Jan 27, 2009 07:38 AM

Casual dinner (4th & Arch-ish?)

A friend and her 11-year-old daughter are staying at the Holiday Inn at 4th & Arch on Friday, and we're going to take them out to dinner. It should be very casual and not too adventurous (they live in the Poconos area, don't eat out much, like pretty basic food, and we're not rich!). I'm coming up with Jones, Soho Pizza (maybe that's TOO casual)... but pretty much drawing a blank on other ideas We'll have a car, so could go to any other neighborhood (although adding a parking hassle to the evening isn't at the top of my list). My husband thought maybe Sabrina's Cafe on Callowhill, but their dinner food is sooo heavy (as I recall; haven't been there in at least a year); I think we could do better.

Is Jones a good idea for a kid? How are the prices? (There are none given on the website.) Can anyone recommend something else?

Thanks, thanks.

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  1. Skip Soho. Jones is good and relatively inexpensive. Aqua across the st from jones is good and fairly inexpensive for Thai/Malaysian. I took my 12 year niece (who's picky) there and she liked it. If too exotic, the Continental on 2nd and Market has a fun menu that you all could enjoy. Also, Pizzacato on 3rd and Market for pizza/Italian or Race St. Cafe on 2nd and Race. Great food, nice beer/wine selection and kid friendly although it gets busy. I was in there last Friday around 6ish and half the people sitting down had children. You can find all the menus of these places online at to check out ahead of time.

    1. The one time I ate at Jones was around 5 years ago, so this may well have changed -but I went with my folks and my younger brothers, who at the time would have been teens/tweens. The 'adult' food was really good, but the hamburgers and fries were quite odd, and didn't at all appeal to my brothers not-very-exotic tastes.

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        Thanks to both of you. After I posted I remembered MenuPages, so I did get the Jones prices. They're still in the running -- but it's great to have some options to consider, so thanks for that, juice. And Bob -- do you remember what exactly was odd about the burgers? Just curious.

        Anyhoo, thank you again!

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          I'm not a hamburger guy, but it didn't look like a normal hamburger. It actually looked kind of like the meat was cut differently. Not ground, more like little flat pieces. But this was 03 or 04, so it's all vague, and while i remember liking my food i don't remember what it was.
          -"Bob" (not my real name - if you say my screenname out loud you'll figure that out)

      2. Can you specify a price range? 'We're not rich' is not much of a guideline.

        If you don't mind walking, just under a mile south of Arch is South Street. Actually if you were going to walk to Jones, South St. is only a few blocks further away. There are several good, casual, inexpensive, unadventurous places there. The Latest Dish springs to mind. There's also Las Bugambilias, if Mexican isn't too adventurous.

        1. You'll be near Chinatown (vicinity 9th and Race) and that tends to be a great place to eat cheaply a Chinese restaurant there should something on the menu for picky eaters (fried rice or lo meain, wonton soup)...that's where I would go.