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Jan 27, 2009 07:08 AM

Dallas Seafood

My family and I will be in Dallas in April and we're interested in a good, fresh seafood place. Price or location isn't an issue. Preferrably, though, a place offering more than just fried options -- light dishes with many vegetables would be great, too, and even perhaps some vegetarian/vegan options on the menu.

Thank you for the help!

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  1. Sea Breeze in Plano would be my choice but I am not sure about the vegetarian option. All the sides I have had have been pretty solid including the slaw which is usually drowned in mayo, Sea Breeze is not that way.

    April should be about the time crawfish are in season so there will be that option around town also. I am not sure which place has the best as I always go to Houston during this time to get my fill.

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      Sea Breeze only recently put crawfish etouffee on their menu so I haven't had a chance to try it out. My standby for years has been Big Easy which is a darker etouffee with a good amount of crawfish for a relatively low price. Sea Breeze has been pretty good to me, they definitely get fresh seafood.

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        Went tonight to Sea Breeze and had the house smoked salmon club was worth the drive from Lewisville just for that house smoked salmon. I bet it would be well worth picking some up for lox and bagels, eventhough it is not Kosher.

        They do have some side dishes that could substitute out for a meal.....not sure how much that would be but I am sure they can acommodate there. Tonight business was kinda paltry as I normally see this place packed. I would say there was 6 tables full of people, in a restaurant that can hold triple that and then some.

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          It all depends on what time of night you get there on a Friday night. They Jewish and a lot of folks from the Plano Congregations go there so if it's after services they are packed.

      2. Oceanaire at the Galleria, can't beat it for freshness. After many meals there I have never had anything but the highest quality fish. It's expensive, but a nice upscale place (even thought it’s at a mall). Best described as a fish restaurant for steakhouse lovers, they have a menu that changes frequently, with fish that you won't find in this area very often. Doubtful on the vegan options.
        The Dallas Fish Market is a very nice spot downtown, with a New American style. It has a somewhat limited menu, but the food has been almost perfect on my several visits, service is great too, with an interesting/affordable wine program. If you want to eat fish downtown, this is the spot. No vegan that I'm aware of.
        Go Fish near Galleria. A new spot and menu changes look to be a step up from the old spot in Addison, which was, IMO, less than impressive.
        Chamberlain's is a straightforward more traditional seafood restaurant, with nothing too fancy or inventive, but a respectable variety of fresh fish cooked right. Won't break the bank either.
        None of these places are particularly or especially kid friendly.

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        1. re: sike101

          Wow, thanks for the many recommendations, now I wish we were staying longer!

          If you remember what you had -- what would you recommend from the Dallas Fish Market menu?

          1. re: Sissi_Habsburg

            The best thing I've had there was the skate wing. There is also a skate BLT, but I think its only at lunch. The swordfish was also good, although it has been sold out when I've been there before. I think the fried oysters are the best cooked oysters in town (Fearing's has a close second); not your typical fried gulf basket. The half shells have been of the highest quality (mostly Atlantic, I think) the times I have had them. I've tried the wife's scallops, which were as good as they can be. The dishes themselves are interesting, but the main thing is the quality of the fish and how well it's prepared. I've never had the sushi, but I'd bet its pretty good too. Let us know where you end up.

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              Oh yeah. We tried a bit of sushi, too. It wasn't bad, but if I were just doing sushi, I'd go to Tei Tei or something like that. Fearing's is perfect also. But they have a wide variety of food...seafood, steaks, game, etc.

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              I agree. Dallas Fish Market is excellent!! Fresh, innovative, and the service is incredible! It's upscale and contemporary, so it's not a "fish house". My husband and I were pretty impressed with everything. They change their menu, so April may have some completely different choices. We went with a few of the "just in" specials and a few of the favorites as well. You can't go wrong. For just a fun, jeans and t-shirt place, flying fish (a local chain) is pretty good.

          2. I agree with sike101. The Oceanaire is where i would go if price isn't an issue. They have a oyster bar and a very good variety of fresh fish prepared in many different ways. I've been several times and have yet to be disappointed. I am not sure they have any vegan options though.


            I've only been to Dallas Fish Market once, but didn't think the food was very good.
            Maybe it was just an off night for them, but I have heard good things about them from others.

            Wherever you go, i hope you have a wonderful dinner.

            1. Newport's downtown is great, and so is Cafe Pacific in Highland Park Village. They're both pretty upscale but worth the price, IMO.