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Jan 27, 2009 07:05 AM

Non-ravioli use for egg roll wrappers

I had a good amount of store-bought egg roll wrappers left from the other night, and wanted to use them, but I don't like ravioli made with them or wonton wrappers, so had to come up with something else.

I ended up mixing up diced ham, ricotta, neufchatel cheese, peas, duxelles, a splash of white wine and herbest de provence. I put a spoonful onto each wrapper and rolled them up, canelloni-style. Then, I made up a quick bechamel with a splash of sherry and poured it over the top. I covered it with foil and baked for 20 minutes, removed the foil, grated some parm over the top, and finished until it browned a bit.

It turned out surprisingly well. The husband even commented that it would be good to make for my mother (a rare thing, as she is picky). Thought I'd share for anyone who finds themselves with a half package of wrappers to use up.

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  1. That actually sounds great and very easy. Did you blanch the wrappers in boiling water before stuffing them or just fill them as is?

    If you like Indian cuisine, they also make a good wrapper for samosas. The potato and pea kind are very easy to make. Here's the recipe I use:

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      I didn't blanch them, just made enough bechamel that there would be plenty of liquid.

      Samosas are a great idea. That would work better for the texture than a ravioli, too.

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        i just watched a new episode of "Tyler's Ultimate" where he prepared his ultimate Indian feast, and he made samosas from scratch. the process was so simple that it think it's worth taking a few extra minutes to make the dough if you want them to be authentic.

    2. samosas!!! you can make little crispy mini-samosas with them. they are so good. just look up some samosa recipes for the filling, wrap some up in the egg roll wrappers and deep fry.

      oops- didn't see that someone had already suggested this.

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        I have cut in half, fried crispy then drizzled with chocolate and carmel topped with chopped nuts.

      2. you can also bake or deep-fry them (either whole or cut into strips), and use as a garnish or snack - just season accordingly with salt & other spices for savory applications, or with confectioner's sugar, honey, cinnamon, etc for sweet.

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          Yes! salted, baked strips make good dip vehicles, esp with the superbowl around the corner, or I like them in salads too, to add some crunch.

        2. Individual lasagne, along the idea of what you did. CI did manicotti with lasagna noodles but I think the eggroll wrappers that you did sound even better. Thanks for the idea.

          1. mini sweet (or savoury) cups:
            trim to square size (use leftovers as noodles)
            heat oven to 350F
            spray mini muffin with oil
            line each muffin hole with won ton
            spray again
            sprinkle sugar (or spices) on top
            bake 3-4 minutes if refilling to bake again (ie custard), 1-2 minutes longer if filling with cold item

            Let dry and store in air tight container until further use