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Jan 27, 2009 06:27 AM

Philadelphia - Roquefort cheese - mildly inexpensive

Anyone point me in the direction of some quality roquefort cheese that won't cost me $20 a pound? I'm located just off City Ave near Belmont. Can travel the city if it's really worth it? Have an old recipe for roquefort dressing that I want to be able to use...


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  1. The import duty on roquefort was increased to 300 percent a couple weeks ago by the outgoing Bush administration, supposedly in retaliation for the EU's ban on meat from cows treated with hormones. So you may want to use some other blue cheese.

    1. Whole foods in Wynnewood has a very nice cheese selection. You could also try the cheese shop in Narberth, just across from the train station.

      1. One more reason for me to be disappointed with Bush... GREAT.

        1. There are many cheeses similar to Roquefort that you could substitute if you're looking for something a little cheaper. Real Roquefort is going to be pricey pretty much everywhere! I'd suggest looking for a Blue D'Auvergne (a crumbly, robust blue) or even a Danish Blue, which is consistently quite reasonable and perfect for use in salads. I'd suggest visiting a good cheesemonger that'll let you taste a few. Ingredient on Main Street Manayunk might have something you can use.

          1. I'd suggest what anyone with a love for cheese should be doing - chat up your cheesemonger!
            Ask them for tastes of whatever delicious but inexpensive blues they have, they will most likely be thrilled to accommodate you will probably walk away happy.
            Though sadly real roquefort is definitely out of sane reach the I'd second Blue D'Auvergne but also add the oft. reasonable Great Hill Blue (from a family farm in Mass. too) or for more Roquefort-like punch the Roaring Forties Blue from down under.