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Best Place for Oysters in Manhattan?

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Would love some help on this one! Thanks.

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  1. Mara's Homestyle on E 6th bet 1&2 has great Lousiana oysters flown in fresh. Monday special only 50 cents each.
    I also like the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, great selection, sit at the Oyster Bar and slurp a dozen.

    1. I like Aquagrille on Spring Street. Family owned little gem of a seafood place and they have an ample variety of fresh oysters on any given day. http://www.aquagrill.com/homepage.htm . And specifically for oysters there: http://www.aquagrill.com/oysterspage.htm .

      Went there for a birthday, and it was a lovely and memorable experience. Wrote a letter thanking the owners and they actually wrote back! A unique and special spot downtown...

      1. had oysters at atlantic grill a few weeks back, yum. lure and essex both do oyster specials during the week. check it out.

        1. Shaffer City - 5 W 21
          Blue Ribbon - 97 Sullivan St
          Lure Fishbar - 142 Mercer

            1. we enjoyed are oysters at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central..

              1. The best bang for your buck might be the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market, as cheap as 69 cents a piece, with a good selection

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                  5 Points has $1 oysters during happy hour,,,, Acqua grill I like, Grand Central had great oyster stew,,,, Blue Fin has good oysters, Pearl Oyster bar is Ok but limited selection, Jack's luxury oyster bar ,,