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Jan 27, 2009 05:49 AM

Best Place for Oysters in Manhattan?

Would love some help on this one! Thanks.

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  1. Mara's Homestyle on E 6th bet 1&2 has great Lousiana oysters flown in fresh. Monday special only 50 cents each.
    I also like the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, great selection, sit at the Oyster Bar and slurp a dozen.

    1. I like Aquagrille on Spring Street. Family owned little gem of a seafood place and they have an ample variety of fresh oysters on any given day. . And specifically for oysters there: .

      Went there for a birthday, and it was a lovely and memorable experience. Wrote a letter thanking the owners and they actually wrote back! A unique and special spot downtown...

      1. had oysters at atlantic grill a few weeks back, yum. lure and essex both do oyster specials during the week. check it out.

        1. Shaffer City - 5 W 21
          Blue Ribbon - 97 Sullivan St
          Lure Fishbar - 142 Mercer