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Jan 27, 2009 04:54 AM

BLT Steak - Scottsdale @ Camelback Inn

We went this past Friday night as we have been waiting a few months since their opening in October. We went early (6:00 p.m) and had a drink in the bar first. We had Belvedere vodka on the rocks and when the bartender presented the glass, we had difficulty finding it as it was the smallest bar glass I had ever encountered and held the smallest amount of liquor I have ever seen. We then went to the table after seeing the $22.00 bar tab for 2 drinks.

The place is dimly lit with nice ambience and mostly tables placed fairly close together. There were 4 booths which, we were told were reserved for parties of 4. Our waiter and the sommelier were very cordial and welcoming and we were immediately comfortable. The amuse was a killer pate - more creamy than solid and my hubby loved it. My filet and his NY strip were perfectly cooked and had a wonderful slight char which we love, though some do not. The 1700 degree cooking temp. produces a tender and fabulous steak. The gruyere popovers are the size of a large shoe! They are amazing, addictive and the staff was gracious enough to give us 2 to take home! Wow! I had mac and cheese which was just OK, Hubby had tuna tartare and french fries both of which received his raves. (Shoestring fries make him very happy). The steak prices are normal for a high-end steakhouse $43.00 avg. unless you get the Kobe. We had a wonderful bottle of Pinot Noir which the sommelier recommended - Lemelson @ 84.00.

We will go back!

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  1. Thanks for the review. So many new places to try already this year. Was the restaurant busy?

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      Not really as we were there so early. When we left about 7:45 there were several tables occupied, but not jammed.

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        I will be staying at the Camelback in June and was wondering how the resto was. sounds good to me. cannot wait to try it!!!