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Jan 27, 2009 02:23 AM

Is there musical accompaniment?

What music, if any, do you use as a backdrop for cooking? Do you play it loudly or softly? Or do you prefer cooking in silence or to the sounds of the house? I prefer old jazz, but unfortunately I live with a newshound, and so, either CNN or CSPAN accompanies my kitchen work a lot of the time. Growing up - every night as we sat down to eat, my father would say "let's have a little _____ music," as he reached for the knobs of the stereo always located in the dining room. The blank would be filled with whatever was on the menu...let's have a little soup music, let's have a little spaghetti music, let's have a little meatloaf music. I think in the same way about everything: let's have a little do the laundry music, let's have a little clean the bathroom music... let's have a little COOKING music...

Do you cook to music?

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      1. re: janniecooks

        thanks jannie. i "searched" before I posted - but who knows what happened...

      2. I'll go for Baroque (ha ha ha, but I really mean it) or music to either side of that (i.e. earlier or later) whenever I'm doing anything that requires thought and organization, whether it's cooking or writing or cleaning up the kitchen; aside from the fact that I enjoy it, its mathematically logical structure gives me an armature to hang my thoughts on. Mrs. O, on the other hand, requires rock or pop or something similar (and a bit loud) when she's doing housework, and since I'd rather be in the kitchen than vacuuming or dusting I suck it up and keep my mouth shut. Couldn't she play it on her iPod, you ask? Oh, she does - and she sticks it into one of those twin-speaker doodads that fills the whole house with the B-52's or whoever...

        1. Well, there is an auditory dimension to stovetop cooking that I don't want masked by music. Just like certain smell announce a certain stage of cooking, so to with auditory stimuli.

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          1. re: Karl S

            karl - that's very interesting. it makes perfect sense.

          2. Punk rock, rock, or reggaeton. Something fast makes cooking more fun.