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Jan 27, 2009 02:14 AM

Low-sodium food stores

I"m told that my salt intake is far too high, so I'm seeking stores that stock low-sodium foods. Any favourites? Thanks

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  1. Bob, the major grocers carry some reduced sodium items like tuna and soups.
    Loblaw's has many sodium reduced items in the Blue Label line.
    Your Dr. can provide you with a diet information sheet and if you are having a lot of difficulty, a referral to a dietitian.
    To get yourself off the salt habit get some of the Mrs. Dash seasonings and if you still have the cravings, a salt substitute that's also in the grocers' spice section.
    Most importantly, adjust your taste threshold by avoiding processed and restaurant food while doing more home cooking. In about a week you will start to enjoy how food really tastes without the over-amplification of salt. You will find that a salty meal or snack resets your taste and you will need a few days to re-adjust.
    Good luck.

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      Thanks, Foodie. I'm finding that everything you say about reducing salt content is true, especially about home cooking rather than takeout. Fortunately the lady in my life is a spectacular cook, and has adapted many recipes from her low-sodium cookbook to improve their tastiness. Already my taste buds are coming around, and if I ever tried a salty food now I'm sure it would taste strange. We've tried health food stores for low-salt items, but most of their wares are more concened with cholesterol than sodium content. We've found a few such stores (there's one at Beech and Queen in the Beaches), but we're looking for more.

    2. why not just read the labels?

      1. If I'm not mistaken, a lot of Eden Organic products -- in particular canned tomatoes and beans -- are made with no added salt. Eden products are available at Whole Foods and other health food stores, and I think possibly even Loblaws (IIRC).

        I find that, generally speaking, a lot of "healthy"/organic products are lower in sodium than mass-marketed products (eg. Kelloggs and Post cereals, which I don't even think of as high in sodium, contain a lot more salt than the smaller competitors if you look at the labels).

        I also agree with everyone else that your best bet is just to avoid pre-prepared foods as much as possible (easier said than done, I know!).

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          Bob, one more idea. The Specialty Food Shop in Sick Kids used to sell some low sodium food items. They also used to have an on-line catalogue but it is down "for maintenance" so maybe a phone call to Sick Kids would allow you to check out that resource.

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