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Jan 27, 2009 12:40 AM

Moontones in Chelmsford

I come from Littleton, meaning my restaurant choices range from the mediocre to the atrocious. Moontones comes in at Good, meaning average if it was in Boston/Cambridge/Waltham.

We sampled 6 different dishes from the tapas menu, all were good, though quite small, a tad too small in fact. The dishes were Ascutney Tomme Swiss and Fig Jam, Mufungo Shrimp, Asian Ribs, Eggplant and Goat Cheese, Turkis Meatball and Lobster and Mushroom Tortilla.

The service was uneven, the young lady who greeted us at the door was friendly enough but was more suited to working in a diner. No class or training or both. Our waiter was good.

The bar was definitely cool looking and I would go back just to have a couple of martini's.

Though it was an uneven experience overall I would definitely return due to the lack of suitable alternatives.

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  1. We've done tapas one night and agree, little small, little pricey but they blew me out of the water at lunchtime. Fantastic lunches and was happy with prices. I had these fantastic fish tacos with polenta fries (and plenty). My son had lamb gyro's (two) and a nice side of hummus and tabouli salad (he was very pleased). I haven't returned for dinner and wonder about the entres but I would definately return for lunch.