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Jan 26, 2009 11:51 PM

Fish and Chips in Melbourne

Hey guys, I'm looking for some good places for fish and chips in Melbourne, not so much "best ones" as such, more like your favourite ones. I haven't had that many great experiences in Melbourne regarding it's fish and chipperies and looking for a good one. Thanks a lot~

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  1. Great shop in Ormond on North road, haven't tasted anything better around Melbourne in all my years, traditional fish and chips anyway. Harbour Seafood, close to Ormond station. Very fresh and reputable, also a fish monger too.

    1. I swear by the one across the street from the Brighton Yacht Club in Brighton obviously. It's next to a bike shop.

      1. try the Kiosk at Half Moon Bay, in Sandringham (they do an awesome tempura pumpkin cake), and if you are prepared to travel, you have to try D'lish Fish in Sorrento.

        1. Hi LilJerky - maybe this comes a little late - but highly, highly recommend for the best fish n chips we've tasted anywhere IN THE WORLD (inluding UK, NZ etc) you try:
          'CARLISLE SEAFOODS' on Carlisle Street, BALACLAVA, Melb. Amazing!!

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            Does anybody know if there's somewhere to sit down and eat at Carlisle? Or is it a strictly takeaway spot?

            1. re: syb

              my recollection is there is some hanging around space - but you're basically taking away - there's no sitting down space inside