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Jan 26, 2009 09:09 PM

Atlanta sunday brunch/bloody mary's

I am heading to Atlanta next saturday for a concert that night, and I am dead set on waking up Sunday and enjoying some bloody mary's and a good brunch to cure my hangover and get ready for the superbowl. The show's at the Tabernacle and I am staying at the Embassy Suites by centennial olympic park, so somewhere in that area is preferred, though driving is an option. A great bloody mary is very crucial, but the food needs to be at least average. I would like somewhere that is a little more creative/innovative than your standard brunch fare but i am not going to be too picky... but the bloody mary must be good. Thanks.

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  1. Try Einstein's...not too far from your hotel at all.
    They have a bloody mary bar!

    1. I hope you sleep late. IIRC, restaurants don't start serving on Sunday until 12:30 or so.

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      1. re: ted

        Correct -- at least for Fulton County. I'm not sure if it is a state or county law, but I would bet it is a state law.

      2. Einsteins would be decent. South City Kitchen (Midtown) a little further north would be an option too. Murphy's in the Virginia-Highland area is nice. If you want something a little more relaxed you could try the Brewhouse in Little 5 Points, but I think the quality of things there has declined over the past several years.

        Enjoy the Disco Biscuits!

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Murphey's looks good but I am a sucker for a bloody mary bar, especially if there are lots of (good) hot sauces and pickled veggies. Hmm...decisions, decisions.

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          1. re: scott.

            Murphy's is always jammed on Sundays at that time of day. just a thought.

          2. i like Einsteins alot.Atlanta is easy to get around on Sundays--my fav place is Chequers near Perimiter Mall.Great bar,and food--also have a flowing chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries,or whatever.Be careful walking around Centennial Park after dark if theres no crowd around.Id stay at the Westin if its not to expensive