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Jan 26, 2009 09:04 PM

The City's Taqueria's Map Project

I've been creating a Google Map on my blog for above average SF Taqueria's.
I lived in the city from 67 - 94 (lived on Capp at first) and tried quite a few but there just wasn't time - there is other food to eat and you can't eat out all the time and god knows a lot of the time I barely could scrape enough together to treat myself to winterland and a hot dog for my big night out let alone a burrito even. Sob. So I have a Taqueria page on my blog that I have been compulsively adding to on advice from my therapist. I have listed what I have so far - if you feel like you think a place's offering is not worth the foil it is wrapped in let me know, if a place has closed please let me know, If you have a secret place you want to let me in on so I can broadcast it to the whole world let me know.

The good news is where I live now they have the SF Burrito available - the sad news is that it's at Chipotle.

What I have so far:

Chino's Taqueria
3416 Balboa St

Cinco De Mayo Taqueria
2426 San Bruno Ave

El Burrito Express
1601 Taraval St

El Castillito
136 Church St

El Toro Taqueria
598 Valencia St

Farolito Taqueria - another favorite
2950 24th St

Gordo Taqueria
5450 Geary Blvd

La Corneta Taqueria
2834 Diamond St

La Taqueria - my old favorite
2889 Mission St

Mariachi's Taqueria
508 Valencia St

Ocean Taqueria
1941 Ocean Ave

Pancho Villa Taqueria
3071 16th St

Papalote Mexican Grill
3409 24th St

Taqueria Cancun
2288 Mission St

Taqueria El Buen Sabor
699 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Taqueria & Pupuseria Baja
2886 16th St

Taqueria Vallarta
3033 24th St

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  1. Well, first of all, if the town you are located is on your profile, there seems to be a ton of places other than Chipotle. You might check this out for starters.

    I guess I don't understand this.

    You are not creating a Google map, but a website.

    All that does is list the restaurant name and address and when you click on the name all that happens is it does a Google search. Using one of the restaurants in your restaurant lists ... Tony's Cable Car Restaurant ... it only takes you here

    From your posts on other boards all you want is names so you can plug them into your website?

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    1. re: rworange

      Well thanks for that link but the top 3 are in San Diego...did you notice the stars on the places near me and that the ones highly rated (the best charges $10) seem to be mexican restaurants with "normal" burritos and not SF style I think probably...SF (Mission-style) Burrito
      there are burritos and then are sf burritos...sure I could eat those I suspect they are not up to the level of south of market.... I can also make my own...i'll probably check them out and put them on my general Minneapolis page..but this is about SF...

      I do have a list like I listed in OP above with links to a collection of websites menus reviews map directions hours photos etc and with a view from the street that I really like for each place as well as creating a Google map of the whole lot but the Chowhound mods don't want me posting links to my site in my posts which you seem to have no problem doing! The map is within my San Francisco Taquerias Page. On landing page look down to right for San Francisco - that link will have a link to sf taquerias at top whew! - see what its like when you can't link directly mods!

      Yes I want names so I can plug them into my website....and my map...i will also be crediting and linking back to this thread.
      The Chow mods think it's an ok idea you don't have to participate but I would like you to. i hope this endeavor is more clear and more legitimate in your eyes. by the way I think I'm earning about 8 cents an hour doing this and that is going to charity - read my about me on the website..


      1. re: FrugalDanny

        Here's some information that can keep you amused for a while

        SF Tacos and burritos

        If you want to know if a place is closed, search for it on the Places database here

        Another place to check is yelp. Also, I've found from doing lots of searching for restaurant informmation that if the place you are interested in isn't in that very google search link you provide, it probably isn't open.

        Since your site covers cheap eats other than that requested, searching Places for "inexpensive" will give you tons of places. The first record in this list, Freddies Sandwiches are so much better than Tony's.

        The purpose of the yelp link was to hopefully give you a starting point for options other than Chipotles ... hopefully there are some. Also you might try posting on the Midwest board.

        Which brings up my point about not understanding the site. On your site you mention that you've tried many of the places listed. Here is my thought as someone who often searches the web for restaurant info.

        So the link to local burritos somehow does lead you to somethig good. You note the restaurant on your site. Despite the fact that it links to the google search, it would be nice to at least have a one line summary about the place ... 'Good mission burritos'.

        That is just what I look for when searching info. Just saying.

        When I'm looking for info, I can rattle off a bunch of sites that promise me info that don't deliver ... menus, hours, etc. I don't even bother with them. There are too many with stale lists, restaurants long closed and only noted because they existed at the time they were added to the list.

        1. re: rworange

          Dear RW - about me is at top left if you need to check my creds!

          no credit to SF chow yet no input yet

          The Los Angeles page has a link back at top of page.

          look for san francisco link down to right and go from there
          click on Sf Taquerias page then Overview Map of Taquerias Picks

          I have another site where I do reviews but right now this is a collection...busy assembling lists and links - the future when I have time could allow for more verbs and adjectives.

          Granted it's not for everyone but there seems from what I'm seeing a lot of people out there who just want to get some quick ideas and info - I provide a place that connects them to an overview that provides nitty gritty AND a collection of reviews from a number of sources

          I could go to other sites and just collect info and I have but its more fun "talking" with people.

          I'm having better luck getting great responses on the other threads here by the way!

          You're really making me earn it aren't you!
          I hope you change your mind and that others might be encouraged.

          1. re: FrugalDanny

            Danny, re-read my reply. Never read my stuff before the two hour edit window is over ... or go back. You read my first reply and then I found the info you mentioned so edited my respose. That burritio info is a compiliantion from the latest thread on Chowhound and fresh info.

            1. re: rworange

              ok thanks (:-))

              I have to take a break been busy with LA and no surprise i'm kinda hungry now check out later

    2. The original comment has been removed