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Jan 26, 2009 08:46 PM

[stl] downtown lunch spots?

Despite living here since 2005, I've never done lunch downtown. The better half and I are taking the plunge this Friday since I'll be downtown for an interview and he'll be downtown because he has a boring lawyer job.

We're looking for something cost-effective and casual. The closer to 7th and market, the better -- my schedule is really tight so we have less than an hour for lunch.

Any suggestions?

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  1. 10th Street Italian Deli. Delicious....around the corner from Kitchen K...on 10th and Wash.

    1. Rooster: 1104 Locust - so good! 4 blocks to the west. Quick casual and cost effective, and a break from the norm.

      1. 7th and Market with less than an hour for lunch....I would suggest Charlie Gitto's on 6th (classic interior converted from an old pharmacy, with walls covered with sports personalities) or Joseph's, also on 6th, a sleek interior.

        Rooster and 10th Street Italian are fine, but they are not close to 7th and Market given your time constraint.

        1. Charlie Gittto's is more fun to look at than to taste. Our blocks are short, though, compared to some cities. Anthony's Bar, the offspring of Tony's, is at Broadway (5th street, in effect) and Market, with swell food. I like 10th Street Italian, too, but for nearby and tasty, Anthony's is the way to go. (Swell Caesar with Italian tuna, soups from heaven.)

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            I agree with the Anthony's suggestion. I've never been for lunch but if drinks/light dinner is any indication...lunch will be fabulous.