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Jan 26, 2009 05:47 PM

Gourmet high end restaurant in North East outskirts of GTA


i am looking for a great restaurant to take some people. I want somehting high end that will impress. It would be a big plus if the menu had items like game meats or game birds. Actual cuizine does not matter.

The areas that woudl work for me: Oshawa, Pickering, markham, Ajax, Whitby, richmond hill, newmarket.
This board has never let me down. i am not very familar with these areas so any advice would help.


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  1. nice cafe downtown whitby (brock st. and hwy 2) its french, a bit pricey but worth it.
    bella noite whitby (brock st and taunton) its italian. its in a strip plaza, but its good. real good. its nice to take people.

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      117 Brock St N, Whitby, ON L1N4H3, CA

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        also in the same plaza at south end is chatterpauls just north on Brock - north of hwy 7/winchester is PepperBerries...Durham regions does not offer a lot of dining choices but these are fairly good and reasonably priced

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          sorry I should have indicated that Chatterpauls is located at the south end of the plaza where Nota Bene is located. I have eaten at Nota Bene on several occassions & my last visit was a disappointment, 2 of 4 had the "wild" boar special which was...well, not good at all. The meat was over-cooked and dry.

        1. Terra- Richmond hill should definitely be your choice!! Been around for a while but fabulous reviews and the service..some Toronto restaurant should learn from! They have wonderful game meats and game birds..plus fois gras etc etc....
          the last time we went my husband had the seared gnocchi which was fabulous, we both had the fois gras which was a good portion compared to toronto and I had the ostrige
          For upnorth the prices aren't as high as the GTA and I'd say the quality better than most

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            I concur. Terra would be the best one.

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              Agree! For western cuisine, Terra is the best in the area. However, if one is adventurous and wanting to try out some 'high end Chinese cuisine' then, the list is endless! Yang's, Empire Court, Casa Victoria, O'Mei....to name a few.

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                I agree with Terra as well. the last time i was there, we had the ostrich and cheval (?) combo which was pretty good.

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                  Thanks for your suggestions. I have been to Terra it is reall great, but I wanetd something a littl ebit more north east.

                  i am not at all adverse to asian cusine as ling as it is very high end.

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                    'very high end' - do you mean cost or ambience/service? Depending on ingredients, a really refined Chinese dinner can cost as much as a Splendido tasting menu!

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                      I really love how some high end chinese restaurants cook ingrediants like foie gras and other high end products. I am not that familar in the high end chinese restaurants outside Toronto. I would defintly consider any places you you would suggest Charles Yu, they dont need to look like splendido, just as long as everybody leaves really impressed.


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                        Casa Victoria and Empire Court over in Markham (Hwy7 & Warden) or Yang's in Richmond Hill ( Bayview/Weldrick) all offer 'Prix Fix' menu that features 'Chinese high end ingredients' such as abalone, sharksfin as well as roast suckling piglet and seafood galore. Unlike the 'Chinese fusion' approach of say a Lai Toh Heen, they do not use ingredients like foie gras in their more traditional dishes. All three have ambience and service to match. Casa Victoria's decor is more ' European regal'. Empire court is more modern/cozy whilst Yang's is 'open plan modern'.