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Jan 26, 2009 05:45 PM

Good Chinese restaurants in Maine?

We live in Belfast and are hoping that somewhere outside of Greater Portland, there is a Chinese restaurant worth going to. There isn't in our town.

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  1. Good question. I don't know any either. I'm looking forwrd to some responses.


    1. Even in "greater Portland," there isn't a single edible Chinese restaurant, IMHO

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      1. re: mainemal

        I used to live in Portland. The Chinese restaurants around here only sometimes rise to the level of Jan Mee on St. John St or Valley on Forest Avenue, if that gives you an idea of what we have.

        1. re: mainemal

          I'll mention it again -- I've had wayyyy worse Chinese food than at the (go ahead, laugh) Super Buffet near the Maine Mall in South Portland. It's definitely better than the likes of Wok Inn or Valley or Jan Mee. Laugh if you want. I'll have the salt & pepper shrimp, steamed buns and shu mai.

        2. It is sad that Chinese food in the Portland area is pretty poor on the whore, especially if you are used to the quality of the Chinatowns in NYC or SFR, or the Chinese suburbs surrounding LA or San Jose. That said, the Lotus in Falmouth is owned by people from Taiwan and they will make you any of your favorites - except dim sum - if you know the Chinese name of the dish. In Portland, itself, I found the takeout at Valley Chinese in Forest to be pretty good, especially their tofu veggy dishes.

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            I agree that Lotus is acceptable, and do a few things, like scallion pancakes, pretty well. But, as you say, no comparison with food in US Chinese communities, including Boston, which has some awesome places.

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              That said, I am 2 hours downeast of Portland, so I am not likely to go there for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I used to enjoy Imperial China. These days, I am looking at the midcoast area though.

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                Heh Heh..did you mean on the "whole"?

              2. I rather like China Rose in Freeport. It's true, I haven't found any great Chinese restaurants in Maine since Hu Shang went away - how long ago was that? 20 years? more? very sad

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                1. re: sophie fox

                  Hu Shang was marvelous. But tough for a restaurant to survive after the owner is deported.

                2. Panda Garden in Bangor is the best in the state......
                  We now live in Portland and cannot find anything to match.