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Jan 26, 2009 05:44 PM

bridal shower/private room- Nassau

Hi there- I am looking for a place to have a bridal shower for my mom. I def. need a private room and the place needs to be nice and have good food. I am not opposed to some place differnt, but def. not stuffy- The problem is I only have 20 ppl, and most places require a 30 pp minimum-
I am going to check out places these places- would love if anyone had input or additiaonl suggestions

Long Beach-
Sutton Place
Costal Grill

Rockville Center-
Gabriella's wine bar?

Viva loca- the place looks cool, but not sure of the menu

also anyone here anything about Four?

I also called Sole in Oceanside but there min. was too high-
any suggestions?
price is flexible..
my pref. would be in long beach but can really go anywhere

thanks- I appreaciate any help

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  1. Mims is very reliable and they do a lot of private parties. I had a bridal shower at George Washington Manor in Rosyln that was very nice, we had our own private little house.

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      i checked out their website, it look snice- i am going to call tomrorow thanks!