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"Celeb" restaurants for older people

Hello everyone,
I read this site quite often but have never registered or posted here before. I have a question to ask which I have seen similar posts to, but not quite what I'm looking for. My question is: my parents are coming to town. They are in their late 50s, and love celebrity culture and read us weekly and people and watch the oscars like the best of them. However, they are asian immigrants and still kind of old-fashioned and would really not fit in that well into the celeb restaurant scene. Where can I take them, that has the celeb quotient but is maybe for older people where they wouldn't feel too out of place at? I looked into Madeo however it seems more for industry types, although I've never been there. What about Il sole? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Don't rule out Madeo. Last I was there Don Rickles came and sat down with me.
    Il Sole skews a bit younger IMO.

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      Yep, you could call it lucky...

    2. Madeo, Dan Tana's, Cut, Spago, Matteo's, The Palm, The Grill, Anisette, Toscana, Craft, Ivy at the Shore...

      1. In a pinch you could take them to Pink's and the walls are covered with pictures of celebs and they could spend a half hour checking out who's who and maybe one will drive up to get a hot dog.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I might check out madeo after all. Spago and Dan tana's sound good too. I think I'll rule out Il sole, thanks for that cls.

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            Capo in Santa Monica
            Michael's in Santa Monica

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              Ivy for lunch is a must for what you are looking for. Always a scene, but still great atmosphere and classic, though not great, menu. Saturdays are teeming with celebs and paparazzi- If they are into US and People they will recognize this patio and go home bragging to their friends.

            2. Depending on what they'd like to eat, there are quite a few places to take them. Ago. Matsuhisa. Sur. Chateau Marmont. Mr. Chow. Ask them what place they've been reading about that they might like to try. I'm sure they're full of ideas. Help them sort it out based on their ideas and some that we've suggested, and then choose together.. Parents tend to hate surprises when it comes to dining, and this is a good way to get them involved while keeping them relaxed for the Big Dinner.

                1. i was thinking Madeo while reading your post before seeing that you mentioned it. i've been there and it was an older crowd and there was papparazzi waiting outside. i had an amazing dinner there.

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                      Yeah, I was thinking that too. The OP I am guessing is in his twenties.

                    2. I second the Polo Lounge suggestion. It is a classic. The Beverly Hills Hotel has an abundance of celebrity history, and it is fun to walk around and talk about all the stories, before or after a meal. You never know who you might see, anywhere in the hotel. Beware: I don't know what you consider expensive, but at this point in my career, the Polo Lounge is a pricey dinner. If you want to save a bit of money, you would have just as much luck spotting celebrities at breakfast or lunch. If you are going to dinner, get there around the arrival time for other gala events in the hotel, say around 7:30 p.m., and increase your chance of spotting folks on the red carpet as they arrive for events. And I'll let you in on a secret. One of the best spots in town to spot a celeb is in the downstairs Fountain Cafe. Go for breakfast or lunch during the week. (The cafe is not open at night, and it is too croweded on the weekends.)

                      1. Madeo, Dan Tana's or the Polo Lounge!