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Jan 26, 2009 04:47 PM

Goya Products in GTA?

Been a long while since I've been in Puerto Rico. Have a severe craving for some alcapurrias and other Puerto Rican fried plantain goodies. Looking for Goya Sazon with Annato, and Goya Sofrito.

I'm in northern Richmond Hill but don't mind traveling to get these.


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  1. Perola's in Kensington market has both of those Goya products.

    1. Try you local chinese supermarkets.Im sure ive seen many goya products there.

      1. Goya products are scattered all over the NG chain--NoFrills, Loblaws, etc.

        1. Alot of the food basic's sell goya and Mr. Goudas.

          1. I second the recommendations for Perola and No Frills. If you're in Richmond Hill and would like to avoid coming downtown it may be worth it to check out a No Frills or two in your area.