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Jan 26, 2009 04:46 PM

Tocqueville RW dinner, nice surprise

I had an excellent RW dinner at Tocqueville last night. The service was great and so was the food. We started with an eggplant amuse bouche then I had the creamless puree of parsnip and golden apple soup app., pumpkin risotto entree and reisling poached seckel pear dessert with wine pairings. My husband did not order from the RW menu and had the cheddar salad app and scallop with foie gras entree, no dessert and a glass of reisling. Everything was cooked perfectly and deliciously. Even though my husband did not order dessert they brought him a plate of 6 sorbets and poured him a glass of dessert wine. It was a charming evening and the best RW experience I've had.

1 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Sounds delicious! I've been wanting to try Tocqueville for a while now. Glad you had a nice RW experience!

    1. Tocqueville is a solid surprise required

      1. That doesn't surprise me. They treat everyone like that, all the time.

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          That's interesting because I went to Tocqueville for restaurant week last week and had the exact opposite experience. The food was decent but the service was terrible. It took almost one hour between our appetizer and our entree and getting anyone's attention was nearly impossible. Everyone at the table agreed we wouldn't go back. The portions were very small as well. I couldn't imagine paying their regular prices to eat there.

        2. I just went last night and had a mediocre experience. Started w/the winter salad, which was very... garlicky/oniony. The cod was undercooked and a poor cut--there was a large bright pink section that looked like it was bloody/right off the bone. Best part was the date cake. My friend had the soup, which she enjoyed. She didn't love the chicken cassoulet (I didn't try it).
          Service was mostly good, although they brought me the wrong dish to start.

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          1. re: Lucia

            sorry I'm new to this "food world. I'm planning to go here tonight, any recommendations on food and dessert? BTW - what is RW experience? Thanks!

            1. re: qwerty1120

              I suspect 'RW' stands for Restaurant Week.

              You may want to conduct a search for more recent threads on Tocqueville: there are a number of Chowhounds who like it a great deal.

              1. re: Winterpool

                "...there are a number of Chowhounds who like it a great deal."

                And I would be one of them! :) I'm sorry I didn't see this query until now when it's too late to help querty1120. We had a seriously spectacular lunch at Tocqueville last Saturday, and I would certainly recommend any of the dishes we had, as well as the signature Foie Gras and Scallops, which I've had several times in the past.

                Photos of our lunch at Tocqueville:

                That said, I'm sure that whatever quety1120 ends up ordering, the food will be sublime.


                1 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003

          2. Quick question - will I get 'shunned' if I wear jeans (nice, going out type jeans, not ripped) to Tocqueville? Or should I wear more dressy attire?

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              you can definitely wear a nice pair of jeans.