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Jan 26, 2009 04:45 PM

Sepan Chicken in Atwater Village

Just noticed new signage at the Tommy's Burger in Atwater Village today on Glendale Avenue across the street from the library. Anyone know what they got? Last week it was Tommy's Burger.

Then on Riverside Drive at the 5 freeway Stadium Way exit saw a sign that I think said Fisherman's Warehouse is going to be open at that gas station lot that's been vacant for years. Sounded like it was going to be something like a seafood outlet and fast food kind of place like Fisherman's Outlet downtown.

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  1. I was surprised when I saw Sepan Chicken! Tommy's left in a hurry!
    I'm hoping someone will post with the scoop, but if not, I'll try and check it out next week.....

    1. Hiya... Re: Sepan Chicken: finally and at long last, I've been somewhere that no ones' yet checked out (does virtual victory dance, then trips and falls :-). I grabbed a bite there just last evening... OK, the place is different now, but also the same. Differences: slight upgrade to the ambiance, as in 'no longer depressing'. A new coat of paint on the walls, and the tables and chairs are newish and have replaced the melancoly /torn booths. Feels 'safer' (not that it was formerly unsafe, per se), in that I didn't keep looking behind me to make sure someone coming thru the back entrance was gonna cold-cock me in the ear. Anyway, they still have the numbered photos ordering system, but the photos actually have appetizing food represented upon them now. 75% of the 'photo menu' is the same as to selections, i.e. burger/chili-burger combos, fried rice, taco plates, etc. But now, they also have some decent looking rotiserrie chicken on a gleaming spit, turning golden before one's very eyes. Also, they offer 'philly cheese-steak' sandwiches and, I believe, fried chicken as well. The same fellow behind the counter -- nice guy, who always calls me "my friend" --. I had the jumbo burger plate/combo: double burger with bacon, avocado, and fixin's, large fries, and large drink, for about $8. Good and basic, like I'd make at home. Next time, I'll try the rotiserrie bird, which, as I said, looks more than OK... So, same in essential essence, but now just a cut above its former decency. (By the way, from the name, I'd thought the chow might be somehow asian, bu that just shows that I am no linguist)...

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      1. re: silence9

        Sepan is a lake in Armenia. Chicken sounds promising, but I had hoped that this might be a completely new operation.

        1. re: Chowpatty

          Last few months there was a metamorphosis with a new sign, paint and all of a suddenly one day there's the new Sepan Chicken sign.

          1. re: Chowpatty

            I'm wondering if we're seeing a take-over of one of the hamburger holes-in-the-wall, mostly started by Greek guys, (in the 60's and 70's and mostly called something like "Tom's") by a newer generation of Armenian owners?

            If we're getting something in Atwater that turns out to be as good as that high point of Latino-Byzantine cuisine, Dino's Chicken Maniaco, then WHOOHOOO!

        2. I did it for you guys, although the location makes it a perfect on the way home carry out destination. We stopped on Wednesday night and asked for a menu but there were none. Several blocks down there is the very rococo façade of what I always assumed was some sort of social hall, called Sepan, so I presume there is some connection.

          I stopped by again last night, and indeed there was a menu. I was advised that their official opening is Monday and until then they were only preparing the old menu and chicken. The official menu lists humus, mutabbal and tabouleh which apparently become available on Monday. I ordered two whole chickens cut up. I was told one individual pita came with each chicken and I made a big stink THAT EVERY OTHER PLACE IN TOWN GIVES YOU A WHOLE BAG and was grudgingly given 6 pita. I also ordered fried rice, which was a carry over from the old menu.

          Reasonable at $6.99, I opened the Styrofoam container to find a shriveled thimble size whole bird, too lanky even to be a Cornish game hen. Dry and funky tasting, it sat on a bed of white rice and stuffed in the corner was some lettuce with a squirt of pink dressing and two pickle slices. The fried rice, although it appears now off the menu, was as salty sop of mealy rice and frozen mixed vegetables. Now of course, Monday, the grand opening, may portend a totally different and vastly improved bird, but it’s up for one of you guys to find out.

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          1. re: Layne Murphy

            You're a champ! I think Bohisatttva and I owe you a meal from Cafe Bravo when (if) it finally opens.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              Layne: you clearly fell victim to a mis-heard adjective placement: what they said was that they're only preparing the old (a) menu and (b) chicken i.e., they're serving old chicken, which sounds like what they gave you.

              Seriously; sad sounding; thanks for taking one for the team. While there were lights on at the SL Bravo location on Wednesday PM, there were none last night, and I'm worried.

              OTOH, I believe that SuperKing has roti chickens for $3.99 or $4.99 this week...

            2. re: Layne Murphy

              Stopped in today because I was starving and they said the new menu officially begins Monday. They were actually hanging the new menu on the wall inside. I ordered the teriyaki chicken plate $6.49. An ample amount of grilled chicken on a mound of Uncle Ben's Perverted rice and salad as described by Layne. Somewhat of an odd teriyaki sauce. It filled me up but otherwise nothing notable.

              New menu besides the chicken which appears to be the main attraction will include kebobs and shawerma and falafel sandwiches. I'll give them one more shot on the new menu.