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Jan 26, 2009 04:12 PM

Boston Cheap Eats Comfort Food Joints

I've been creating a Google Map of above average cheap eats comfort food places on my website:

I need more ideas. If you have any please post here. Thank you Danny

These are the ones I have so far

Boston Beerworks
Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe
El Pelon Taquieria
L Street Diner & Pizzeria
Lower Depths
Mike's City Diner
Pizzeria Regina: Faneuil Hall Food Court
Pour House
Silvertone Bar & Grill
The Tam

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  1. Love the sweet potato fries at Beerworks!

    There's plenty of discussion on Pizzeria Regina on this site, but I'd say the North End location before any of the others.

    -Happy Hour at McCormick & Schmick's offers good comfort food, including a $2 burger
    -Galleria Umberto
    -The Paramount
    -Bottega Fiorentina
    -Canto 6
    -La Papusa Guanaca
    -Pho Viet
    -Petsi Pies
    -Bostone Pizza
    -Spike's Junkyard Dogs
    -New England Soup Factory

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    1. re: pamalamb

      pama - wow! thks i'll start checking them out.

      added umberto paramount & bostone - look great

    2. does speeds count?
      hen house, (chicken and waffles)
      the victoria diner (they got grits)
      pit stop barbeque

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      1. re: hyde

        Hyde - yes thks. added Victoria & Speeds - a wagon! - I even found it using google's street view

        I'm open to the following to quote my blog:

        I'm On A Mission. I Want To Find Tasty Good Cheap Comfort Food Offering Good Value And Good Digestion In America's Top Rated Affordable Classic Restaurants Diners Roadhouses Drive-ins Joints Dumps Dives Drivethrus Driveups Drivebys Stickups Greasy Spoons Hole-In-The-Walls Honky Tonks Barbecues BBQs Barbeques Bar-BQs Bar-B-Qs Bar-B-Ques Bars Broilers Cafes Cafeterias Cantinas Carts Chop Houses Clubs Coffee Shops Delis Dining Cars Dinner Houses Fish Camps Fish Houses Fountains Grills Grocerys Ham Houses Huts Inns Kitchens Lobster Pounds Luncheonettes Lunchcounters Lunchwagons Markets Meat-And-Threes Nests Nooks Pantrys Parlors Pits Pizzerias Pubs Rail Cars Rib Houses Saloons Shacks Shantys Sheds Shops Smokehouses Stands Steakhouses Supper Clubs Taps Taquerias Taverns Trailers Trucks WhatChamacallits WhatNots and WhatEvers! (have I left anything out?)

        The Places That Help Make America The Unique Place It Is.
        The Places Worth Spending My Time, Effort, Money, and Digestion on.

        I'm Not Looking For Perfection. I'm Looking For Satisfaction.

      2. Not as cheap as it used to be, but I'd add Carlo's Cucina to the list. Well above average traditional red sauce Italian.

        1. Didn't the Tam close years ago??

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            1. re: bakerboyz

              The Tam is alive and well. Reasonably price beer... not sure about the food quality. Maybe someone else has details on that.

              1. re: bakerboyz

                Different place called the Tam. The one in Brookline, near Washington Square, had pretty decent food, and has indeed been closed for years. There's a dive bar in downtown Boston, across from the Emerson Majestic, also called the Tam. (Although its sign is in a weird Gothic font, so that for many years I thought it was called the Cam.) Don't know if that one has food at all, or whether it's in any way chow-worthy.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  Yeah I have the dive bar one - seems to be more of a "comfort beer" joint?
                  i may drain it from the map.

                  el pelon thks - hearing about more "burned" places lately..they say they will reopen

                  1. re: Allstonian

                    Shame about The Tam (Brookline), which occupied the Publick House's current location for at least 10 years. It was a great live-music venue, and the food was indeed decent. That was a handy brunch spot when I lived nearby. Then they moved into a larger space in Coolidge Corner that was just hideous, like a dungeon, and the end came pretty swiftly.

                  2. Anyone who knows me knows what I'll be adding to the list - Angela's! Guacamole, tacos, and her wonderful mole all certainly comfort me!

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