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Jan 26, 2009 03:31 PM

Help for Mothers Day

I know its a ways off, but since Ive only been cooking for a couple of years I want to try to make this meal at least twice before I serve it to my Mom. For some background, I recently had this holiday 'assigned' to me, by my sister in law, after last years (my first) Mothers Day meal. Last year I made lamb chops with balsamic vinegar, rice cooked with onions and garlic-with vegetable stock as the base, roasted aspargus and a parfait with strawberries and a marscopone chese. This year I plan on doing Osso Bucco, rissotto with mushrooms, and...? This is where I need some help. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The only thing is that the rissotto is non negotiable. Its one of my Mom's favorites and I learned how to prepare it for her. Thanks for your time.

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  1. On another thread recently, a number of people commented, quite correctly in my opinion, that the risotto could/should be the main event rather than a side. Since it's your mother's favorite, why not feature it? Just a thought.

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      As c oliver suggests, risotto is often the star attraction of a real gourmet meal. You can certainly do osso bucco, risotto and perhaps simple steamed white or green asparagus. Just don't plate them together. Start with a simple salad or an amuse bouch. Pause, then serve the risotto. Pause, and serve the osso bucco. Pause, now serve the asparagus. Pause, then serve a simple dessert like a chilled fruit/yogurt soup or pears macerated in white wine with a dollop of real whipped cream. Take more than an hour to eat dinner together and *be* together.

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        Ooh, thank you, thank you for reminding us of such a civilized way to dine. I don't serve like this often enough and should. It takes a special meal and puts in another realm entirely.

    2. How about a nice Antipasti and/or a stuffed avocado salad (stuffed with crab perhaps) and an orange pudding.

      1. I really appreciate all your replies. If I choose to feature the rissotto (must confess, I had this thought), what can I serve with it? Again, many thanks.