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Jan 26, 2009 03:25 PM

Sports bar with good food, late kitchen to watch the fight this Saturday: Impossible?

I searched a bit - and Montreal isn't a sports bar type of city, obviously - but are there any decent dives (preferably downtown or on the plateau, but elsewhere is cool if it's worth it) where they'll probably have the UFC fight showing this Saturday night? I know Le Skratch will have it but the food there is terrible, and I *think* I remember the waiter at the Burgundy Lion saying it'll be on - except that the annoying-person-noise-to-TV-sound ratio is a bit too high there, and you can't see the TV from all seats of the bar.

Anywhere else people can recommend?

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  1. Try the Dominion Pub at 1243 Metcalfe St Downtown. They have 8 tvès and are very happy to put on anything that is on cable and sports related. They also have a large screen (movie type) projection TV.
    The food is quite good. They specialize in Pigs Feet. But they have a lot of good things...homemade demi-glace is the standard gravey there.

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    1. re: bigfellow

      Can anyone confirm whether they'll be showing the fight? UFC is pay-per-view, not just normal cable access.

      1. re: bigfellow

        I checked when I had lunch at the Dominion Pub today. They will NOT be showing the fight this weekend. Just the super Bowl game.

        1. re: bigfellow

          I could be wrong. They might have had to pay a licensing fee to air the fight event at their establishment?

      2. La Station Des Sports at St. Catherine and Dufort will most likely have the fight (they have posters up for UFC.) The food... is bar food, but reasonably priced. If I recall, the kitchen was open pretty late. Lots of big, possibly high def tvs. Might be a little loud... but it's usually loud when a fight is on in any bar.

        I don't do UFC, but the boyfriend (who does) said it looked like a good place to watch it.

        Hope that helped :)

        1. Thanks bigfellow and kdas. I will call the Dominion Pub to see if they'll be showing the fight. Station des Sports I've been subjected to before, and will be a last resort because of the hotel crowd and bar food, but I may well end up there if there's no other option.

          1. Champs, 3956 St-Laurent

            Huge sports bar, I'm sure they'll have it on.

            1. La Station Des Sports is excellent, plenty of high-def TVs and what may be the cheapest drinks in the city. The food is decent for bar food, but is also very cheap. However, it has been pretty packed lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if the excellent prices rapidly become a thing of the past (now that they have a customer base.) I'd still highly recommend it, but go early. You can be as drunk as you like and completely stuffed spending <$20.

              There's a sports bar on the top floor of the Pepsi forum which is pretty nice (Forum Sports?) It has bowling lanes, pool tables, and a nice style to it. The food is a step up from normal bar chow, nothing amazing, but I remember seeing frog's legs and other 'haute' selections for a sports bar. Costs a bit more, but it's still fairly priced and usually not too crowded.

              Champs I'm going to have a hard time recommending unless you're near it on St. Laurent and really don't want to travel. They charge covers, $5+, even charged 5 for Affliction last Saturday and the place was barely at 20% capacity. The food is some of the most bland bar food I've had, and it unfortunately correlates with the highest sports bar prices I've seen. I'd stay away from Champs; I'm sure it has it's fans, but with the other choices out there there's no real reason to spend your money here, especially if you want to eat / drink.

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              1. re: woober

                Is Champs the only sports bar restaurant in Montreal charging covers to watch major sporting events(I can maybe understand for a pay-per-view sporting event)?

                1. re: BLM

                  I've watched dozens of MMA events at sports bars since moving here, and Champs is the only bar I've been charged a cover at.

                  I forgot about Cages aux Sports, which I'd put somewhere between Station/Champs. Same quality food/drinks as Station at a higher price. Unfortunately this chain still beats Champs' price/quality pretty easily.

                  1. re: woober

                    They charge the cover at all times? Even during off-peak hours, when there's nothing worth watching on their television screens?

                    1. re: BLM

                      Champs must only charge cover for pay-per-view or special events like the Superbowl. I went to watch several NFL games there on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights for the last few months and they didn't have cover charges...even when a Canadiens game was going on at the same time and the place was packed. I found the prices to be expensive (if i remember correctly i paid $3 for a glass of coke and no free refills) and the food typical for a sports bar. The only thing i like about the place is that they have enough TVs to shown eight NFL games at the same time therefore sparing me having to watch the local favorite teams only. Next season i'll try one of the other suggestions on this thread.

                      1. re: BLM

                        First I've heard of it. I've been there for hockey playoffs -the place was packed to the rafters- and they didn't charge. But how could they when every tv in town is fixed on the same thing? They must only charge for ppv or satellite events.

                        I don't have an opinion on the food - sports bars are hardly the place to eat. And I get a good buzz going at home, too - sports bars also aren't known for cheap drinks.

                  2. re: woober

                    Got an opinion on Shed Cafe to watch sporting events there? How's the food at Shed Cafe?

                        1. re: SnackHappy

                          Been there for a rock&roll party where off-duty...ahhh...exotic dancers were swaying on the bar. Didn't much notice the food or service.

                        2. re: mainsqueeze

                          To me, food should be at least decent at a sports bar, since you can't go to a sports bar just to watch a sporting event(unless I'm with a group, so I don't need to order anything to eat). I went to Champs years ago, & I was unimpressed with their food(major reason, I have never gone back).

                      1. re: woober

                        Pepsi Forum Sports bar will be showing the PPV UFC fight tonight.