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Jan 26, 2009 02:59 PM

Need Vegas Recs. for Feb.

The Wife and I will be in LV during the week of Feb. 15th. We've been there several times and will be staying at NYNY-wife's employer paying for room :-) We are willing to blow bigtime $$$ for one or two meals but want to watch the cost overall. We love to try to go where the locals go when we travel. We will be cabbing it unless within reasonable walking/monorail distance.

I'm looking for feedback on recs. in that area- on or off-strip. Would love a sushi place, good spanish/latin american (a good paella is always a plus), Italian, and a good steakhouse.

Also, I've seen these places mentioned a lot, and wanted some feedback on them from locals/nonlocals alike: LOS; Bootlegger; Rosemary's; Joe's Stone Crab; Planet Hollywood Strip House.

Many thanks! Tom

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  1. Here's my recommendations as a local - Firefly - great tapas place. They have paella, but I haven't tried it. Sushi - Sen of Japan ex-Nobu chef runs this great local sushi place (way out on Vegas west side, about 8 miles from NY NY). Rosemary's (another long cab ride) is a great choice for lunch (mon-fri) or dinner. Great wine & beer pairings. Fabulous service & great value. Todd's Unique - another great "locals" place, great steaks & seafood (kobe short rib & skirt steak are superb). Lotus of Siam - must try drunken noodle sea bass. MGM has winter dining promo Steakhouse - We recently had a great meal at Stripsteak in the Mandalay Bay.