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Jan 26, 2009 02:33 PM

ISO of Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown that takes Reservations

Trying to make reservations for a party of 6 for this weekend's festivities. Any ideas?

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  1. A little bit late on the scene but you might try Hop Li on Alpine. Great food, expecially the fresh lobster stir fried in ginger and green onion.

    1. You want dim sum or dinner?

      Parade is Saturday, January 31st 2pm-5pm

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      1. re: monku

        Try Plum Tree on Hill Street. Never disappointed there.

        1. re: Jeryy

          Plum Tree left Hill St. in 2007. It's on Broadway now. Food is very Americanized.

      2. Just guessing, but Yang Chow might.

        1. Oh, and you might want to try Zen Mei Bistro on Alpine. Yeah it's a bit grubby and reservations you won't be a-needin', but it has a nice broad menu, reasonably priced, and I like the food.

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          1. re: broncosaurus

            Always tempted to try ZMB, but always end up somewhere else. Years ago when it was May Flower I always went there and followed them when they moved to Spring Street. I know the May Flower sold the place to one of their coooks, so I'm wondering if the food at ZMB is similar to the May Flower? Also give some of you favorite dishes you order there and I'll make a point to check it out.

            1. re: monku

              Nothing really stands out, I sort of think of it as a diner where I can order good-though-not gourmet renditions of whatever I happen to fancy at the moment. They had a long-standing offer of a free plate of fried shrimp with any order over $20 (I assume they still do but it's been a while). Oh, and you can get a decent-sized whole fried fish cheaply.
              If you like the food at Mayflower I expect you'll ilke it at Zen Mei. I've found the service at the latter to be friendlier, however. "Ambiance" better at the former (but who goes downtown for that?).