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Jan 26, 2009 02:24 PM

Primos in Orlando is booked - Any alternative recommendations?

My husband and I will be staying at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes Valentines Weekend. I was so looking forward to having dinner at Primos, but it's the Daytona 500 weekend and they have been bought out. Can anyone make a suggestion? I am looking for something close to the Grande Lakes Resort - was looking forward to not driving. I don't want to go to Norman's at the Ritz.. It's fabulous, but a bit more "gourmet" than we are looking for on this trip. Italian is our favorite - something fresh like Primos. A nice place - we haven't been away together since our son was born last year.

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  1. For Italian I would suggest Enzo's, but that's a bit of a drive (20+ min from JW).

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      Agreed on Enzo's being awesome for fresh, authentic, high-end Italian, but I agree that you might not want to do that drive. Realistically, you're looking at over half an hour each way, depending on when you go.

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        I have heard about Enzo's - we'll certainly give that a try another time. We live about an hour from Orlando, but don't get out very often.

        I think to accomplish our goal of parking the car and having a fabulous meal we'll end up at Norman's. I have been for a cocktail and the mini duck burger - delish! Thanks again for the suggestions!

    2. I think that Ciao Italia which is across the street from the new Waterpark is great. It is about 5 minutes from your hotel.
      Also, Bice at the portofino bay hotel near the Hard Rock is amazaing.

      Good eats

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        Try to walk up & get a seat at the bar at primo. We were there Sun night & it was awesome as usual.

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          That works normally when the restaurant is full, but they have a buyout on 2/13, so even that will not be an option. Not sure about valentines day, what their plans are. I don't think it is sold out, but sometimes on special menu days they do close the bar to food service.

          BTW they are a member of opentable, so that is usually the first thing that I try.

          I'm in there frequently so if you want to email me your name and phone #. I can talk to a manager to try to get you in for v-day if it is sold out... or at least get you on the waiting list.

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            Thank you so much for offering to contact them on my behalf. That is very kind of you. We are actually cutting our trip short to just the one night. Primo's had v-day blocked out on opentable, but I did call a month prior and they had availability. We just decided to come home on Saturday afternoon.

            I know Norman's will be great, but Primos is my new local favorite! Thanks again!