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Jan 26, 2009 02:09 PM

Deer Valley

Will be going to Deer Valley in February and am wondering if any of you have some restaurant recommendations. Would like some fine dining and kid friendly will include 5 of my grandchildren. Checked this web site and found that the last mention of the Park City area was in 2002. Hope someone has been there lately.

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  1. Returned on Sunday from Deer Valley and can heartily recommend the Prime Steak House and the Wasatch Brew Pub. Went to the Wasatch 8 years ago and had been thinking about their nachos ever since. They did not disappoint.
    The key here is that they layer all of the ingredients instead of just chunking them on top, like most places do.

    1. there are a lot of posts for PC, not sure where you looked: the deer valley seafood buffet; 350 main; blind dog; cafe terigo; yuki arashi; zoom