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Jan 26, 2009 01:59 PM

Good places to eat in Kelowna?

I am currently in Kelowna for a few days (Jan 2009) and would like to know if there are any good (or preferably remarkable) places for dinner here, could be pizza, bistro, italian, regional, other ethnic, etc; ambiance and price not that important but no chains or "formula" restaurants.

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  1. felix:

    I have never stopped in Kelowna so all of my information is "second hand".


    Operated by Rod BUTTERS whose food I had when he opened the kitchen at the Wickaninnish Inn. If they still have the artic char with the oatmeal, brown sugar sauce....ymmm. Emphasis on fresh regional ingredients. Not sure what winter does in that regard.


    French bistro from folks who I think were formerly associated with Cafe de Paris or something similar in Vancouver

    Waterfront Wines

    I get the name wrong from time to time. Heard good things about the chef, whose name escapes me, and the food with adjoining wine bar. Sorry for the absence of detail.

    Those are three that sping to mind.

    Of course you also have Mission Hill, Quails Gate and the like if you have access to a card and do not mind driving south for a short way.

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      Memphis blues for decent southern bbq. Give it a try.

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        I've eaten at Bouchon's and have to say the food is pretty good. Quail's Gate and Mission Hill both have decent food but I'd say the view is definitely more spectacular than the food.

        I've heard that the Applewood Grill (at Manteo Resort) is supposed to be good as well but have not actually eaten there (only drinks on the patio in summer time).

        Good luck and happy eatings!

      2. When in Kelowna one of the things that we do is take a short stroll around the Grand Area (Now "Delta Grand") - Hannah's, the Grand Bay Cafe, Bouchons and Waterfront Wines are all within a few minutes of each other. It is a good way to check the specials board at each, and then make a determination. And add Summer Hill on the East side of the lake as a winery dining option - since going almost all organic they have made some great strides.

        1. felix, here's a link to a thread that covers a couple of years posts on Okanagan restaurants, lot's of great info that I'm sure you'll find helpful.

          1. The food at the Gray Monk Winery was very good this summer. I would suggest heading up there if the restaurant is open in the winter.

            1. If I were headed to Kelowna I'd check posts from our Kelowna hound newJJD:

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              1. re: maplesugar

                Apparently, Fresco's is closed for good but will reopen in spring with same chef, new concept; from CityFood:

                ... Chef Rod Butters of Kelowna's Fresco restaurant stepped up to the podium and announced to a surprised audience that this would be Fresco's last public event because he and wife/partner Audrey Surrao, after closing the top Okanagan restaurant for a post-New Year's break, had decided not to open it again.

                Gazing down at his silent, jaw-dropped audience, Butters then laughed and whipped off his chef's jacket to reveal a t-shirt emblazoned with "Raudz Regional Table", the name of his new venture which will open in Fresco's location next spring.

                1. re: grayelf

                  Thank you grayelf. That is quite the news and the commentary of, "Gazing down at his silent, jaw-dropped audience" would have aptly described my likely reaction had I been there.

                  Rod's aka "Raudz" sense of humour is apparent too.

                  Not having made it to Fresco in its original form I wonder what the new spot will change. The "regional" focus certainly does make sense given its location and what I know from others of the chef's interests.

                  Perhaps JJD will chime in