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Jan 26, 2009 01:40 PM

Banana Cream Pie distributed by CheeseCo in Manchester, NH

Grabbed a bite to eat at The Wild Rover in Manchester last night and my dining companion and I split a piece of banana cream pie (not a usual choice for me) for dessert. It was fantastic! Our server told us they got the pie from CheeseCo on Eddy Road in Manchester. From what I can tell, CheeseCo is a wholesale food supplier. Does anyone know if they sell retail at all?

P.S. We ordered two more pieces . . .

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  1. Call them and ask them who sells their pies retail ?

    1. They have a cash and carry section. I've gone there in there in the past when I used to throw a big Memorial day cookout.. Some stuff is by the case only but some stuff they break the case. it is a little sketchy (think a dirty Sam's Club) but the price is right.