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Hamburgers and More in Toronto

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My family will be coming to TorontoMontreal in the beginning of April. My 12 year old will eat anything and like my husband and I, loves being adventurous and trying new foods. My 16 year old will eat only cheeseburgers and pizza (no sauce~just cheese and dough!) At Chinese restaurants, he'll eat sweet and sour chicken (hold the sweet and sour sauce!). Any ideas on where we can eat to satisfy all of us while we are in Montreal as we continue to wait for him to outgrow this finicky toddler phase? We are staying downtown.

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  1. Hi, are you asking for ideas in Toronto and Montreal, or just Montreal? Thanks.

      1. 16 year old toddler? Any pizza or chinese place will hold the sauce for you except for terroni pizza. Shouldn't be a problem for you really.

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          lol, didn't pick up on that, well I can be a 40 year old toddler when I don't get my way.

          A good Chinese restaurant imo when visiting Toronto is the Pearl Harbourfront in the Harbourfront centre, if you go there phone ahead and get a nice window table.