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Jan 26, 2009 12:36 PM

Which Gordon Ramsay (London)?

We are going to be in London for a week in May and want to try one of his places. Which is the best? Best value? Are they all really hard to get into?

I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions as the actual trip approaches...

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  1. I was recently at Royal Hospital Road.
    It is London's only three star, but that is about the only attraction for me.
    I was not especially impressed...

    1. And I was underwhelmed at the Devonshire last May.

      1. I'd recommend Maze - great ambiance, service and highly unusual and delicious food. If you book early, you won't have any trouble getting a table. The chef is a highly skilled one, Jason Atherton.

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          i'll second maze (not the grill). go for the tasting. it has left a great impression, it's not pretentious, much easier to book and the sommelier aced the selections for our meal especially the desert courses which opened my mind to sweet wines.

          1. re: bvorono

            Definitely agree with the recommendation for Maze.

            You could also consider Murano, which is an Italian-influenced Ramsay/Hartnett project that just got its first Michelin star. (Their other venture, the York & Albany in Camden, is good but nothing special).

        2. I had a good Sunday lunch at Claridge's. It does the "big traditional hotel dining room" really well. The food was really enjoyable. IMO you don't go to a Ramsay restaurant for cutting edge food, but you do go for high standards and good quality, which he delivers.

          Ramsay has a lot of detractors but I think this is because he concentrates on delivering a very reliable/repeatable experience. Each of his restaurants has a different characteristic suited to different needs, so it is important to choose one that suits your purpose.

          1. I went to Hospital Road in December and had a wonderful experience. The service was impeccable, yet not at all stuffy. The room was beautiful. The food was wonderful and interesting. The two husbands did the full tasting menu and two wives did the regular menu. Each time there was an extra course on the tasting menu, the servers brought us little plates and forks. They knew we would all be tasting everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to return.

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              I have to second RHR; it is a couple of years since we went wth some friends, but it remains the most outrageous dining experience I have had to date in terms of food, wine and service, and I have been to quite a few decent restaurants since. I would agree that Ramsay does have more than his fair share of detractors, certainly at the moment, but the reality is that RHR is where it all started, and is still top of the tree in London after ten years. We were made to feel beyond welcome from the second we walked in the door until we finally staggered out of the doors (in the wee hours). The focus here is on the 'experience', and once you get past the £100 + per head on food, it is an experience most are unlkely to forget. I would go for it!!