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Jan 26, 2009 12:30 PM

can you name others like north fork inn, little owl...

Need somewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn to take my mother for her 60th. While we're super into food, she'd likely be overwhelmed by somewhere like Gramercy or Daniel. We need one step down on the mellowness food chain. She's loved the North Fork Inn, Little Owl, Babbo, and dell'anima. Any other ideas where the food is awesome and the environment is fun but not intimidating?


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  1. How about Market Table, Little Giant or Blue Hill? I was just at Blue Hill on Friday and the short farm to table journey continues to bring fantastic rewards!

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      might be to far away but what about Blue Hill Stone Barns?

      my mom loves Gramercy Tavern, great but in no way intimidating....

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        Blue Hill is a great idea. We've been to the one in Tarrytown in the summer, can anyone tell me what the menu looks like in the winter? We had a stunning meal there in August with all the summer produce. I take it the one in Manhattan is equally good?

      2. love the dreamy location of Commerce and the food is pretty good too!

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