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Jan 26, 2009 12:05 PM

Durham, NH Area for Rehearsal Dinner

Hello -

My fiance and I are getting married in Durham, NH on the first Saturday in October and I am looking for a place for the rehearsal dinner the Friday night before. I am not certain on the size of the group quite yet, but let's say 40-50. All price ranges will be considered, but the food is the most important. The groom's family own an upscale restaurant near Philadelphia, so the restaurant or hotel or wherever will need to be delicious! Thanks!!

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  1. Your best bet is to look in Portsmouth. People here will recommend the Three Chimneys Inn, or the New England Center (the better of the two), but if the groom's family are picky or discerning, Portsmouth is the best bet.

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      We are getting married at the Three Chimneys Inn, which is why I said Durham area. Portsmouth is fine, where would you recommend?

      1. re: Lowren710

        I would recommend driving either an hour north to Portland or an hour south to Boston. :)

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          Thanks, Jack. We will all be staying at the Inn on Friday night, so where would you recommend in Portland?

    2. We had our rehearsal dinner at Acorns in the NewEngland Center on the UNH campus. It was a lovely room with 40 ft windows that looked out to the woods. The food was wonderful, the service was great and our guests had a wonderful time. They can accomodate your size group.

      1. When we go to seacoast NH we always have a dinner at the Oar House which is in Downtown Portsmouth. It's an old Portsmouth institution. It's great food, located in a historic building and is in the harbor. If they do parties, which they probably do, this would be my first choice.

        oar house
        portsmouth, nh, portsmouth, nh

        1. Lowen710, our son is getting married at the Three Chimneys also in Oct. Have you decided on a place for the rehearsal dinner?

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            Ryley -
            We decided to keep the rehearsal dinner fun and casual. We are having it at the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth. Our guests will tour the brewery and then we are having a BBQ on their patio. My FI loves a BBQ and it will be nice and low-key. Have you decided on a location for the rehearsal dinner?

          2. I have had great meals at The Library in downtown Portsmouth or 555 in Portland, but the Oar House is an excellent suggestion.

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              The Oar House is OVER PRICED Garbage. Frozen seafood, passed off as fresh; completely uninspired cuisine.

              For a group of 40-50 people, you'll be hard pressed to find a restaurant in Portsmouth that would accept a buy out on a Friday night in October. The Dunaway might.

              If you're really looking to impress, and want to be in a place that will hold everyone, the Wentworth by the Sea is a good bet or the Inn at Exeter.